tidewater 30l casting problems

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by cliff n york, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. cliff n york

    cliff n york New Member

    south carolina
    i have 4 tidwater 30l reels that i bought for river fishing. what problems have you had with casting are other problems, send me a pm if you need to cliff.
  2. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    ive got one and they are good reels for the money but they sure dont cast very good at all.Ive loosned that knob as far as it would go and still no luck.I thought it was a bad one so i took it back and got another one.It did the same thing,not sure what the deal is.But its a good reel it just dont cast nowhere near like my ABUs.

  3. billcatfish

    billcatfish New Member

    evansville Ind
    iv got 2 my self iv not had any problems at all with them iv got a 220 penn an tide waters cast just as good as them but im fishing the ohio river with a lot of weight an bait im usen at least 5oz of weight up to 12oz an bait just as big with that much weight they will cast
  4. countrycat15

    countrycat15 New Member

    i had 2 i took back to wally world because,every time i would cast the free spool lever would kick in gear and make a bad grinding sound. so i dumped the junk reels and bought all abu's and never looked back.
  5. rich-online

    rich-online New Member

    I haven't had any problems casting with my 30L, except for the usual thing with the thumb:wink:. However, I normally don't cast more than 20 yards on a good day.

    -- Rich
  6. jtrew

    jtrew New Member

    Little Rock, AR
    I've got a Tidewater, and I can cast it as far as a Penn 209. My Abu 6500 will certainly cast farther, but is too wimpy to do any really rugged fishing with. For example, anchored below a powerhouse, I hooked a 10# blue. Once I got it to within about 2 boat lengths of the back of the boat, with the fish skating on top of the water, the reel didn't have enough drag to pull it the rest of the way in. Even though I had the drag cranked down as far as it would go, I had to hold the spool with my thumb to pull the fish any farther. Oh, and the Abu is already falling apart. The levelwind pawl has died. Granted, you can buy aftermarket stuff to beef up the reel, but why not buy a Penn and get a rugged reel in the first place? I finally broke down and bought a Penn 320GTi, which casts as well as the Abu, and is probably 10 times as rugged.
  7. Walsvault

    Walsvault New Member

    They don't cast far because they only have one bearing,so if you want it to cast far you're gonna need more bb's
  8. bumper

    bumper New Member

    I use 2 Tidewater 30L's regularly and don't have any problems casting (but we all get a backlash every once in a while). I think 2 things that help when using these reels is to use more weight and use a longer rod. I use 9 and 10 ft. rods and at least 3 oz. of weight with my tidewaters. Tighten the resistance knob and then use your thumb to slow the spool and stop it as your bait hits the water. You can loosen the resistance as you become more comfortable casting and figure out how to use just enough thumb pressure to keep it from backlashing. You might need to cover your thumb on hard casts to keep from getting a blister. Different baitcasters cast a little different and they just take a little getting used too. I hope this helps and Good luck fishin'.
  9. young fisher

    young fisher New Member

    I try to cast far while fishing from a marina but always seem to get backlash. I keep slowing and speeding up and slowing down the spool speed but cant get it to stop