Tides and Mid-Western fishing

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    Hadda feller tell me the otherday, bout someone he knew that used the "tide times" from Texas to schedule his fishing around. Said he always had good luck. Me, thinkin I've tried more bazzare methods, figgered Id look into it. I searched Texas Tide times and found many different times.
    Oh yeah, Texas is same time zone as here in Mo. (CST) So does Louisiana as far as that goes.

    So, Has anyone else tried fishin inland according to the tides? Or is there anything to it? Meybe he was just using the Lunar cycle or sumpthin. I know nuthin bout tides.

    Bout the only Tide I use comes inna box. :0a36:

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    Thanks George. Tho I still feel confused. lol I fish truman in Mo. Waaaaaay away from any oceans. I am thinkin of chartin the times I catch fish an then cross-refin em with the "many" tide times in the CST zone, to see if I can come up with a match. I know fish move accordingly with the tides, (in tidal waters). I just dont know if they're affected here?
    Hadnt really gave it any thought, till this feller mentioned it.
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    Tide tables & solunar tables= pretty close to the same thing.

    High tide =Solunar prime feeding period.
    Low tide=Solunar minor feeding period.

    It's all a gravity pull thing

    Weather fronts play a part in the game
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    The tides have as much effect on fishing as does the wind direction. If the winds from the North or East, your suppossed to stay home... less crowded for me to fish. lol. If the only time I went fishing I caught everything under the sun, I'd eventually quit going fishing. I do know when I fished the Chesapeake Bay, I paid attention to the tides...so much easier to launch and retreive a boat on anything but a low tide...and generally fish wouldn't bite during the change of tides. But, I don't think the Chesapeake or even the Texas tides effect fishing in Oklahoma. I can't remember the last time we had a high tide, unless you consider the cimmaron river flooding a tidal change. lol