Tidal River anchor recommendations

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by chesapeakecarper, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Thought I'd pick some brains for an anchor upgrade. My boat is a 16 foot high side Xpress welded jon w/20hp Mercury outboard. Last 2 years I had ~15 lb jointed anchor w/a 3-4 foot chain rode ahead of the rope I stored in 5 gal bucket. Had two of these so I can tie off front and back for flexibility fishing dropoffs and currents. I want to maintain the dual anchor setup if possible but the chain/rope was always a mess to deal with in noise and coordination since many times I fish solo. At one time I considered the Anchormates and am back to that alternative for this sized jon.

    Any recommendations for a Bay tidal river setup?
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    Hi Pat:

    I have a anchormate on my boat a 16' tracker panfish...I use a fold up anchor...First I thought it would break...but hasn't yet....bought both at bass pro....and it holds in heavy current too..........Herman


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    Get a 20# river anchor. Ya won't move a lic.
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    Pat, you gotta look into the other type of anchor mate... a fishing partner lol... hey don't knock it, they work esp if they are a shore bound angler who's just happy to be out fishing from a boat for once.... usually they are cheaper then the anchor mate in the store... and even on some occasions will pay for your gas and/or bring drinks/food, etc for you.

    On the more serious note... i've heard good things about the anchor mate that you and the others are talking about... as far as the chain and anchor making alot of noise im sure there are some carpet shops around where you can get a scrap piece for cheap to nothing and cut it to the front area and back areas where you rest the anchors at... it'll cut down on the noise a bit and for storing the rope (though some other anglers would disagree with me on this) i'd say 5 gal bucket which can also help damper or get rid of alot of the excess sound...