Tick season!!!!!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by Bill D Curtis, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Bill D Curtis

    Bill D Curtis New Member

    Blackwell Oklahoma
    We all know it happens every year so just afriendly reminder I went to my favorite crappie pond yesterday got 10 nice slabs but also brought over 30 little demon ticks home which made the wife real proud :roll_eyes:
  2. arkrivercatman

    arkrivercatman New Member

    Im all too familiar with them. Alot of the spots I fish are 1/4 mile walk through the woods. I do what I can. I wear jeans,boots and a hat. I try and check for them every hour or so.I hate useing deet so I guess I will just keep on checkin.

  3. swampratt

    swampratt Member

    here is a tip i got from a military neighbor,,he just got back from iraque...

    they ate a match head a day ..a week before you go into the woods , and every day after....
    The sulpher gets into your system and the skeeders and ticks will not touch you...
  4. massa_jorge

    massa_jorge New Member

    i wonder if i fed my dogs a match head a day.... this year is going to be a bad one from the looks of it so far. :angry:
  5. biga

    biga Well-Known Member

    ummmm anyone ever tell you sulfer isnt good for you:wink::wink::wink::wink:
  6. mrwhiskr

    mrwhiskr New Member

    We all gotem, We all hate em. Me no bannannas after Feb. i spray with white

    vinegar before every outing,
    Don;t work very welll but I think it does :confused2:

  7. SunburntAgain

    SunburntAgain New Member

    Tulsa, OK
    I hate ticks period. But what I really hate are those tiny little juvenile ticks that seem to be in swarms early on in the season. The ones that are so small that you darn near have to have a pair of tweezers to pull out, tweezers being something I don't normally have while on the river bank. As long as we're complaining about parasites, my real arch nemesis is chiggers. Ticks suck, but a good old fashioned chigger infestation is the worst! And don't even get me started on the summertime mosquitos on the Arkansas River after dark.
  8. tkishkape

    tkishkape New Member

    Gore, Okla
    I finally figgered out that if I don't get inna grass I dont get chiggers or ticks. I ride my mower on the lawn.

    I launch my boat and enter/exit from the dock. I don't get outta the boat unless it's at a dock.

    As far as the skeeters go, if there is not a good breeze, I don't go fishing. Pure and simple. They'll find me at home under the A/C anyway.

    I guess it's old age or just pure cussedness but I'm not going to expose my hot sweaty body to an unnumbered hoarde of bloodthirsty disease-carrying vampire insects without at least some protection from DEET, no matter what bad press it gets.
  9. swampratt

    swampratt Member

    Adam i have been told many things are bad for me,,and things that years ago were good are now bad,,and things that were bad are now good....

    and that you can't run 11.5 to 1 compression on pump gas:wink:

    Just needs a little more research
  10. handyronokc

    handyronokc New Member

    Oklahoma ( Central )
    My grandma's remedy worked the best, no problem with ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, and some of our more finicky (porch dwelling relatives, U know "city folk":smile2: ).

    The remedy: Bacon grease mixed with pure sulfur. Apply to all vulnerable areas, = no pests, or chatty cousins who think fish are icky.

    Sulfur is the key ingredient, and can be mixed with just about anything that will carry it to and on the host, be that a person or their loyal pets.

    Some hand lotions can mask the strong smell of sulfur to a suitable state that one can still enjoy the wilds of nature and be pest free, except for Mayflies, who will crash into your face when you least expect it.

    "Vulnerable areas": All exposed skin, 6 to 8 inches above and around openings on clothing, ( neck, arms, and legs) around waist , crotch area including all buttocks, under arms, and between toes,

    Happy fishing, hunting, and site seeing

    P.S. do some experimenting with your more favored lotions to achieve your personal best.

    P.S.S. If you come up with a mix that really smells good you might still have problems with,,,,,,,,"city folk":smile2: