Tick Removers and Itch Relief

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    This is a complement to Casey's "Stinky Fingers" thread...

    I thought it might be cool for us all to share our tick removal methods and itch relief remedies!

    Ticks sometimes crawl right out of me if I dope em up with Mennen Skin Bracer.

    Absorbine Junior always worked for me to immediately relieve the itch I got from skeeters and chiggers. (DO NOT USE IT ON POISON IVY)

    And for them pesky ticks that got in the "jungle" down there, just use a razor an ice pick, kerosene and a match. Shave off half the "jungle" then splash kerosene on the other half -- light it up with the match and stab them with the icepick when they run outta the fire!
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    I thought this was dumb when I first heard it until I used it. It works mostly for mosquitoes messing with ya though. I use downy fabric softner instead of off and to me it works so much better. I rub it on my skin and make sure not to get it on my hands and onto my bait so I use a glove when I do so. I haven't found hardly any ticks or ever got a chigger bite as well doing so. Now for those darn tick, chigger and mosquitoe bites that itch like crazy. Take a good bath with a little bleach water works good if you think you may still have some ticks on you. They will float right off ya. Now for the itching part. Last year I must have had well over a hundred or so chigger bites from a nights outing. I was told by a familly member to use apple cider vinager in my bath water. Kinda like using the bleach, but it was for the bites and severe itching. I will tell you at the very start it stung like hell for a couple of seconds getting in the bath tub. However, after that it was comfortable. The rest of the night I never itched at all and was able to sleep. The next day the bites were already scabbing over and getting try. It eventally still itched on my feet from walking that day, but not as much so another apple cider vinager bath and the itching was completly cured. By the fourth day all those chigger bites were pretty much gone:big_smile:

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    I use one of those Therma-cells and seem to be a pretty good way to keep most of the bugs away..I don't think I would have ever gotten one,but I got it free from buying 2 boxes of shotgun shells during turkey season.I am glad I got it though..Seems to work real well..I hate having the greasy feeling of off or other repellents..I am going to have to try the fabric softer sheets..Never heard that one..And the apple cider viniger is just plain good stuff period.. The ice pick,kerosene method sounds pretty awesome too.. nothing like creating a burnt up 2nd hole to pee out of.. :big_smile:
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    pleasant h
    thanks for the info
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    anti tick and anti bug bites.... i thnk they call that a house. LOL...