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    Don't know what experience other BOC folk have with TICA rods, but I thought I'd give them a shout out.

    I've got three, a 7' surf, a 7' regular spinning (outrageous rod), and a 10' surf that I'm still learning to cast right.

    They're a tiny bit more expensive than Ugly Stiks (which I also love), but they have this nuclear-powered spine that must be experienced to be believed.

    Have landed 8-10 lb fish on each, and a 25-lb on the 10-ft. These all seem like bulletproof rods that beg for more punishment than I can reasonably give them. The 7' TICA SEHA 621301 1-pc Heavy-Action carbon-fiber regular spinning rod is simply amazing for its size and weight and blows my mind every time I use it.
    The surf rods give an impression of solidity and capability beyond my own, and I'm not even faintly nervous when one of them begins bending over -- I just know "I got me one", and I know I'll get it onto the dock without mishap. Couple of the ones I have work fine double-duty bank fishing and from a boat just fine.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with TICA's rods. I'm hooked on them now.

    Kevin ~~
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    this might not help much, but i have a 4.5 foot ultralight that i use for trout. it landed some carp that were about 8 pounds.. it doesnt seem that durable but its only an ultralight and it is graphite. i like it for trout but i have no idea about catfishing with one

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    Read a post on another forum about TICA rod tips being a bit tender...they apparently will snap off when casting heavy weights. Several posters said they prefered the Oceanmaster rods. Have only seen those at Bass Pro Shops.
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    For what it's worth,
    Most of my fishing here is ocean (cant wait to get closer to cat infested waters!!) and most of that is surf casting... SO I spend alot of time on the water, with other surf casters and on surf boards... and the number one recomended rod for the beginner wanting an exceptional rod for limited investment is the Tica's.. many fisherman I know and respect say the opwer and castibility of these rods is seriously under rated and they are an excelent value.

    Anyone from beginner to expierenced fisherman could do A LOT worse than a Tica rod topped off with a Squidder 140, and for about $150 total investment you'd have a rig that should last you a life time (if you care for it) and will haul most any cat.

    I've never heard any issues with the tips being fragile, but any rod will over load and snap under loading pressure if your slinging more weight than the rod was made for. If your rod is rated for 2oz that dosent mean 2oz of lead, plus the termanal gear, hook(s), and a whole bluegill (or two or three pieces of cut bait on a high-low/fish finder)for bait. That creates closer to 3.5-4oz of casting weight and will over load the rod.