TICA Musky Rod for Channels?

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by Tulcat, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Has anyone ever tried a TICA Musky Rod for channel cats? I have a 9' TICA surf rod and love it, but when researching boat rods for for channels I ran across this:

    Tica MHSA610MH1 6'10" Musky Rod MH 15-40

    Specially designed for Musky fish
    Portuguese cork handle
    Fuji hardloy ring guides
    Fuji silicon nitride tip top guide
    Powerful parabolic shape with Lure holding hole at trigger reel seat

    Tica MHSA610MH1 is a flexible TC3 graphite material, 1 piece Musky Rod, 6 feet 10 inches long, with Fuji reel seat, made for 15-40 Lb line weight and 3/4-2 oz lure weight
    $79 Delivered

    I ordered one tonight and within a month I hope to post a performance review, but until then I was wondering if anyone else had tried one?