Thunderstorm Bullhead extavaganza!

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    I overheard you guys saying the Bullheads were going into pre-spawn behavior the other day, and I thought Id'e give it a shot. Why I chose such a crummy day(T-storms, high winds, tornado watch!) is beyond me. guess I just have my fish radar tuned in. Anyway, my buddy and I (begginerJ) headed out for stockton early tuesday morning. I wanted to try whiskey slough for some striper action. That did'nt turn out so good. First, I was going to buy Sardines and shad for bait. Somehow I grabbed Mackeral and anchovies!! The spot we were fishing had no cover, and the rain was so cold that we only lasted about two casts. I was about ready to call it a day, but Jason would have no part of that, So I started thinking of some cushy spots to spend the rest of the day. First stop was the bait store for some sardines! After that, I remember kevin telling me about Louis Park last year. He said he usually caught a couple, plus it was easy access with bathrooms and such, so I decided to give it a shot. We set up right next to the boat launch on a man-made cement platform. There were about 4 or 5 guys fishing at the mouth of a little creek channel, and I couldn't help thinking "man, that must be the spot". It seemed like the kind of place to take the wife and kids, and "maybe" manage a few little cats. So, against my own policy, I couldn't help myself, I casted in the direction of our fellow fisherman. Jason decide to cast straight out, just past the boat docks. Twenty minutes later, He had three fat-headed bullheads in the bucket. I hadn't seen my line so much as quiver, except when it was being attacked by huge raindrops or kamakazee hailstones! I had to make a choice: suck up my pride at the extreme cost of jasons ridicule, or face the same fate as our neighboring "skunked" fisherman. Id'e say it was an easy choice, but you guys havn't met Jason yet!! so, I baited up and slung out towards the dock. Jason hooked into another nice cat, and I started whining. Just at the point when I was making a disgraceful pitty-party whine-a-thon, my pole got rocked and I was reeling in my first fish of the year. I was showing off a shi@ eating grin that would hardly be justified after winning the Super Bowl as I reeled in my 1/3 pound, disfigured, yellowbellied bullhead (the smallest and "ugliest" fish all day). That's all it took to get my confidence back, and I was jaw jackin' spit talkin', like a pro. Of course it didn't take too long and we were tied up at 5 fish a piece. Just for the records I did take the lead at one point 6-5, but by the end of the day we kinda lost track. Jason knows he won by 1 fish, but I stick to the "lost count story! Anyway, we left Louis Park tired, soaked, and cold, but the 17 chunky catfish in our bucket couldn't tell!! So, I think you guys were correct about the pre-spawn, it was a great way to start the season. Hopfully this little "public" honey hole isn't just a fluke, cause I look forward to some fish frys this spring. I look forward to meeting some of you for the first time, and "hooking up again" to the rest of you.

    Bert, know it's time for those crazy "Linz adventures" again!!!


    Oh ya, we caught all these fish in 3 1/2 hours. They only bit during the small clearings in the rain, so if you figure the actual time fishing under the clearings, it was more like 45-1 hr. Good times....
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    Well, for the most part the story is true, but Linz forgot to say how we arrived at this spot around 11:00am, almost too late for early morrning fishing, got what seemed to be a fairly bad spot next to a dock while we both were envyous of the fisherman who were at the spit (corner) of the river and at the end of the day we total 17 fish while the fisherman next to us caught NOTHING!:p Hope the inside-laughter of out fishing other fellow fisherman (locals) didn't bring bad carma!

    ps. And yes I did out fish Linz.....;)
    Sincerly, Jason

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    Great Story guys. Linz brother, you know you to shoot the s@%t:) That is all you need is the 1st fish of the year, and it is all down hill bro. You know I am game any time bro;) Need to check out your lil honey hole bro. We should get together. Like to meet Jason too. Great going guys.
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    Great story thanks for sharing.
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    LOL Great report. Beginner's luck strikes again.