Throwing it in for 2008

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    Well after a year of aggressively fishing on the bank I know when to fish the mighty James. I'm going to be putting up my gear up till spring. Last winter I spent hours looking for a large catch that didn't happen. Then spent the spring catching a few good sized ones for about a week. When summer came, the James caught crabs. Then fall came, she still had crabs. Now it's getting cold and I'm going to be catching up on all the chores I should have been doing in the summer.
    Summary Winter good...Spring good till the spawn...Summer....Crabs...Fall...Crabs Winter good again...
    good luck

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    Don't give up man, there's fish to be caught. I respect the hell out of you bank fishermen, takes a lot to sit in the same place almost all day waiting on the fish to come to you. That's how I got started into catfishing though was fishing from the dock at the lake we flathead fish at, probably catch about the same amount of fish now as we did when we didn't have a boat:smile2: