Throwing A Castnet From The Bank

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    Original post made by Chris M Scheafer(Kccats) on August 16, 2003

    Throwing A Castnet From The Bank

    Things to remember:

    1) Buy the cheepest net you can

    2) Dont go over 5 ft radious unless you can get all you want with 1 cast or you are REALY BUFF.

    3) Be prepared to get wet. Only takes 1 rock or submerged log to distroy your net. If you get stuck, dont pull hard on it, get in there and get it loose.

    4) Be prepared to replace the main lines. Although they are heavy mono, they dont seem to hold up very long. I replace mine with 300 lb test limb line, works great!

    5) Repair your net when you get small holes. Small holes become big holes in a hurry! Only takes a minute to repair a hole so you can do that after you start fishing and are waiting for a bite.

    6) Get yourself an extension. I personaly use a discarded cast net line that someone left in the trash after getting snagged. This works awesome for throwing from the top of small briges, over the sides of dams ect for getting to those places you cant from shore. I have used this when pickens were slim just from the bank and loaded up on bait. Beware however, I seem to catch alot of large carp with this meathod and few large bass, a 16 lb blue and a 10 lb walleye. You are throwing in areas that fish hole up in at dams and they will tear up your net and its hard work pulling up them fish. The walleye did the job of totaly tearing up my net bad. But, sometimes you can get all the bait you need and more with just one cast.

    7) Rivers are not the best place to use cast nets. Unless you know the depth, and exactly what the structure is, your going to lose your net sooner or later.

    8) Dont use your net where you are fishing. Net your bait from another area on the lake or from a differant local lake or pond. We have enough against us tring to catch monster cats without throwing your cast net in the area where your fishing...spooks the fish!