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I have found a use for all my old throw net sinkers. I have some old ground wire left over from a previous job that I have used to make a somewhat snagless drifting sinker. The wire is pretty thick but limber. Any old piece of wire that can be easily bent will work and I'm sure most of you have some scrap laying around. Make an eye to tie to with needle nose pliers. Cut the bottom wherever you want. Slide any number of leads up and bend a curve below them just enough to hold them on. The curve should straighten back out so the wire looks like a flat road that goes over a small hill then flattens out again. The theory is that when the lead hangs up you can pull the wire free and simply add more lead and reshape the wire without retieing any knots, so you should be able to pull the leads off with your hands before fishing with them. Hope this helps someone like me with a surplus of old thrownet weights.
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