Through wall a.c. problems

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by FS Driver, Aug 28, 2006.

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    my dads air conditioner (3ed one) in a bit over 5 years.
    this last one is 13 months old bought new from walmart around 330.00
    its a 18,000 btu 220 v through the wall unit.

    the mfg. FEDDERS has not been easy to get through to ,and when going
    on line i get to the point where i can maybe order parts and it asks if i am
    a service repair customer or individual , after picking individual it promptly
    pops up an under construction logo.
    so getting parts is out of the question at this time anyhow through them.
    they did however have a no. to call for authorized dealers and warranty repair techs.
    the one in our area informed me that their tech that handles their fedders products is out with heart problems and didnt give me any alternatives to where to turn.

    our appliance store here in town said fedders has a bad parts availability reputation so i have my dads a.c. unit in my garage pulled apart and
    the fan rideing around with me in the truck.
    the double shafted fan is what is out ....well when it came on it bogs down and finally stops after a few seconds .
    the condensor has a capacitor but the fan i dont see one for it so i dont think this requires one.
    if anyone knows where i can get a replacement motor for this i would be very appreciative. i have all the #'s here if someone needs to know them.
    or if someone has a unit about that size that they would be willing to sell
    if its about the size of this one i would consider just buying it instead of repairing this fedders(man i hate that name now):tounge_out: .
    they have a little 5,000 btu in the jacket that i brought over to try and get by till we get this fixed so its not like they are totally without , but they dont have central air and she is on oxygen so keeping the place cool is important.
    thanks for reading this
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    Wilton Iowa
    Sorry buddy i cannot help ya, i have central air. and if it breaks i call my friends brother. Good luck

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    Take it to a local motor doesn't have to be a Fedders replacement motor. Just have to match voltage, RPM, speeds (if multiple) & rotation.

    Some AC's use a "dual" run capacitor that takes care of the compressor & motor both. Split-Phase motors don't require them.

  5. FS Driver

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    thanks for responses guys
    i found a place in evansville indiana that sold me a replacement motor and
    sent me a dual capacitor like you mentioned smitty.
    the new capacitor had a larger micro farod /
    almost twice the original.
    put it all back together and they are doing fine now.
    the 79.00 motor beat the snot out of them haveing to pay for another
    new unit.
    just wondering if the old capacitor was too weak for the old motor and cause it to fail prematurely?
    thanks again guys!