throttle stuck

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by fat_fish55, May 15, 2007.

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    more problems...
    just got this motor ran great, then i got a "spun hub" just ordered a new prop brought it out yesterday and worked great again
    i was going to slow down and throttle wouldnt turn so i steared clear of trees and disconnected the fuel
    ended up rowing/weak trolling motoring 2.5-3 miles to ramp in pitch black

    anyone have any quick fixes to look for? i looked and couldnt see what the problem was. it is a 1970 25hp tiller

    looking for a quick fix or ill have to take it in next payday :)

    the best solution, i know, would be a newer motor but that is outta the question for now
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    This is another visual check thing, along with taking the handle apart.

    Pay close attention to how things come apart. Try moving the cable and look for what's binding.

    Wait, that's in the later models. I think yours is a gear to gear operation. No matter, same thing, visually check and move everything to find out where it's binding.