Three way swivels - arguabley one of the best presentations for fishing for catfish

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmanjack, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. I have been reading that the three-way swivel is arguabley one of the best presentations for fishing for cats. I have tried this with a shad and a sinker line while drifiting for channels and all I get is a twisted mess after a minute or two. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to keep this from happening.

    Also I fish from a 20 foot wall below a dam (low or little current). I was thinking about using 2 blue-gill on seperate hooks on a 3 way swivel. Will I also have this problem?
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    yes you will have a big mess if you put two 'gills on the same line! i only use three ways when i,m fishing from a boat in current for channels, they tend to roam the river channels about 6-12 inches off the bottom. if the current is slow enough i'd try a float drift. lots of times your bait will catch the current and spin depending on how you cut your bait and where you place the hook. try to streamline your cut-bait and hook it on the ends not the middle.

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    The twisted leader problem is from the retrieve,as your bait comes in it starts to roll and wraps around your other line. I have never seen this as a problem for me. I just un-twist it and go on.

    You can also use a 3-way slip-rig like the one in the link below, Go to Post #4
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    If your rig is getting twisted up, you can make the leader to the hook, stiffer and heavier than the leader to the weight. It makes it a little harder for your leaders to get twisted together.
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    I fish it in the ponds, lakes and monster rock quarrys around my aera with good sucess...but to be honest I dont seem to have any better luck with my ole standby ..the slip rig
    Something else you might wanna try it getting one of thoes river catfish steel leader rigs..they have a split on it and wouldnt be as likely to twist up on ya
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    i dont trust 3 way swivels. i heard many a catman tell of how the swivel pulled in two during a good fight. most of them are cheap. i would go with a modified 3 way rig using 2 barrel swivels or you can use one barrel and tie both droppers on the one swivel.
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    Shorten your leader with the bait on it. And hook everything thru the mouth so it doesn't make a "propeller" effect in the water and get you all twisted. Keep tension on your line.

    Another note is to use a less stronger line on your weight or tie a slip knot. If your weight gets hung up, you can pull the weight off and you won't lose your rig.
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    Catmanjack, I think the word drifting is the key element to your problems. If you are going to drift fish, I would suggest using an in line sinker and rig your leader with a barrel swivel, I guarantee no line tangle. Use the three way rig while tight lining.The three way rig is designed to keep your bait off the bottom, and this can only be achieved if your line is tight. You can drift or bank fish with a ledger rig (sliding in line sinker) if you don't like retying all of the time. Of course after a nasty snag or you land a big cat you should retie any way just to be safe. Now if you are trolling, thats another story, I could only guess, but I would think that speed plus sinker weight and line length would have a lot to do with it. :0a26: