Thoughts on Dad.....written by kids

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    My dad is very strict. That means you better not do what you're not s'pose to. And never do it again either.

    I love him very much. If he will raise my allowance I will love him even more.

    Whenever I ask my dad "Do you know what time it is?" he looks at his wrist and says "2 hairs past a freckle." Which is soooooo not funny it's pathetic!

    Whenever you ask him a question he can go on and on until you could just die. But there are many good things about him too.

    My dad does things like make the beds and clear the table but he never never ever cleans the cat box! He says he comes from royal blood. So he doesn't have to do litter boxes.

    Once this kid in my class copied from another kid's paper. I asked my dad if I should tell on him. He said it would probly be best to mind my own business. Dads are good for problems like that.

    Nobody laughs as loud as my dad. When he does it on the phone you can hear him all over the house. It's very happy.

    My dad could beat up anybody. He doesn't ever do it because he's very gentle. But I just know he could.

    I love when he told me about what happened before he became a teacher. His dad really wanted him to be a shoe salesman like him but my dad went to college. When I think of that I know how strong he is.

    He told me that when he was in the room at the hospital while I was being born he sang a song because he was so happy that I came into the world. I'm going to do that when I'm a dad too.

    My dad has to be in a wheelchair but he can do most everything. Except walk and play sports. But I wouldn't trade him for anybody, even Mark McGwire!

    If something gets broken my mom gets really upset. But my dad's pretty loose about stuff. He's definitely my hero.

    My dad's really neat when somebody comes for a sleepover he doesn't disappear in his room and ignore us.

    Whenever you catch him that he broke a promise he always says in his dad voice, "I didn't break a promise, I changed my mind." Yeah right.

    He always thinks he's right. Even if you look it up and show him he's wrong, he like totally cannot admit it. He'd be much better if he wasn't so Dad-ish.

    Every time we shoot a video he dances all around and makes these weird faces. You'd never know in real life he's just this normal boring dad.

    My father always asks were you a good boy today. But I think he already knows because he only asks when I'm already in trouble.

    He doesn't play video games very good. But he does it with me anyway when I feel sad. Then I feel better and he feels sad because I wipe him out every time.

    When my father pays the bills he says, "Darn it. Everything is getting more expensive these days!" I guess you have to be rich to be a father.

    When he takes a nap no matter how much noise you make he just groans and keeps sleeping. If you ask him a question you might as well ask a wall. Nothing could wake him not even an earthquake.

    When I say "I'm bored" my dad says, "No you're not, you're Annie". When I fall down, my dad makes me tell the sidewalk I'm sorry. When my dad sees chocolate he goes CRAZY!

    When we were playing freeze tag I farted - and my dad said "You're OUT, that's a move!" And we all laughed our heads off.

    I saw my dad in his naked clothes. It was very interesting.

    Even if I'm bad my dad has to still like me because I am in his family. I think it's a law.

    When my bowling ball goes in the gutter and I get mad my dad says I will love you even if it goes out the door and into the river. That's really silly but it's nice to know anyway.

    When I swing in the park my dad pushes me so I go up to the sky. I wish he would do it forever because it's the best thing of anything.

    When he comes home late he comes into my room and stands there for a while looking at me. Sometimes I pretend I'm asleep. Then he pulls up the blanket and kisses me on my head.
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    Thanks. Made me rememder some of the things our kids did when the were small.

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    So sorry, I meant to say that earlier. I was a bit sad yesterday, it was my first Father's Day without my dad.

    Hope all you fathers were shown some appreciation for who you are and what you do. Here's a couple songs for ya.


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    Great post Tanya I sympathize with your loss.On a more humerous note I would be willing to bet child number 2 was a girl!!!!:big_smile::smile2:I love the one that goes "Even if I am bad my dad still has to like me""I think its a law.How cute.:roll_eyes::crazy:Yeah you still have to love them!!!Thanks those were way funny.:smile2::big_smile:
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    ty so much that poast tanya thats my dad to....