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As many as you noticed, 2010 has not been a very kind year for me. I have not been able to fish much this year because my father has been terminally ill with cancer.

Now the time has come and he does not have much time left.

I am currently in Indiana with him now.

Just wanna let those of you who believe in God to keep me and my family in your prayers. It's pretty much the toughest chapter in my 35 year old life.

Friends, Family, and Faith is all I have now!


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Tan, you have the best three things in life going for you. Friends, family and faith. Death is part of life, and we will all face it sooner or later. I pray for your father to end his life with out pain, if that is what his future is. I pray that you and your family can accept this with dignity and understanding. God in all of His glory doesn't promise to sustain live ever after here in the physical world, His promise is for a life everlasting in a spiritual world. I believe in God, and I believe I will see and experience things now not known to man. Your father is embarking on a fantastic journey, one that you and I will experience one day. Find joy in your heart and piece in your mind. This is what we all face and should welcome, because of our faith in the Lord. God be with you brother.

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Tan Prayers on the way from Iowa for your Father,You and the Family,J.D.
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