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    Victoria, Texas
    My Daddy is Just a Truck Driver
    Author: Dan Baker

    It was sharing time in Sunday School Class, what does your Daddy do? One boy's
    dad was a Doctor and another one's dad was a C.P.A. The teacher said " Their
    daily bread was bought with their daddy's pay."
    Then the teacher looked at a little boy and could tell he was about to cry, so the
    teacher figured something must be wrong. He quietly ask him why? The little boy
    replied with tear filled eyes, ya'll have all the luck. All your daddies are rich, they
    drive big cars and have important jobs. My daddy just drives a truck.
    The teacher spun his wheel chair around and grimly faced the class. He said " I've
    taught you well, but I'll burn in Hell, before I'll let that statement pass. You kids
    see me as a Sunday School teacher, just a cripple with a lesson plan, but down
    inside these twisted legs are the bones of a Truckin' Man. I was a high rollin' ,
    hammer stomping, pill poppin' Dude till the ice on Interstate 10 took the finest old
    rig that a bank ever bought to the bottom of the Rio Grande.
    There ain't much to tell about what came next, except this ole wheel chair that I
    ride, and now and then I teach this class so the Good Lord will know I tried. And I
    tried young fellows, I tried real hard just to pay for all I done, but I'm going to
    close this Good Book now and I'm going to talk to this truckin' man's son. He's a
    Truckin' Man, boy do you hear me? Don't give me that hang dog look, your daddy
    is a gear jamming king of the road. He's a winner in any mans book.
    Who feeds you kid? Does a grocery store or the fast food joint down the street, or
    does some Eighteen Wheeler running all night long bring you every bite you eat?
    There ain't a thing you'll use today that some ole trucker didn't bring. Somebody's
    daddy rode all night long so you can do your thing, my thing, this country's thing,
    this whole thing rolls on wheels. We are kept alive by these men who drive, these
    men God made out of steel.
    You just can't jam gears for thirty years without learning a thing or two. If a
    country don't move then a country don't eat, and that brings me back to you. The
    next time you talk about your daddy, you understand son, you're talking about the
    Man. You're the son of a hard headed, proud thinking Hoss who just don't fit in
    most folks plans. He is the man that takes this country where it goes, and I just
    hope that somewhere down inside, that someday you will feel that pride that I used
    to feel pushing that ole road".
    The teacher seemed to lose his concentration. You could see the memories
    flooding through his brain, his eyes were fixed a million miles from where he sat, as
    the driver inside slowly spoke his inner pain. He said "I don't know what they will
    ever say about me. Let them call me whatever they want to fit their plan. I just
    hope they write the truth upon my gravestone and more than anything, I was a
    Trucker Man."
    I'll never know what happened to that teacher, just a wounded Angel grounded
    from the road. A trucker man that taught me daddy was the finest man that this
    truckin' man will ever, ever know.
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    Brother Copley;
    GOOD post. Thanks for sharing.:smile2:
    Wishing you and yours a SAFE and Happy Holiday Season however you chose to observe the season.
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    Oklahoma City O
    Shannon, thanks for sharing that.
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    Shannon, that is excellent!
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    Shannon thank you for that post that pretty much says it
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    Thanks for the post Shannon, my thirty yr. driving career ended two yrs. ago on a loading dock out in Mass. broke both bones in my leg and did a lot of permenent damage to muscles and, nerves. Every time i see a big rig i get the itch, but i cant hold the clutch in anymore and, cant pass the D. O. T. physical. I consider myself fortunate in that i could have lost my leg. I now work in sporting goods at wally world part time and collect social security disability. Now my two big goals in life are to teach my grandchildren how to fish and, to catch a channel cat over thirty lbs. If i can accomplish those two goals ill die a happy man. LOL
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    Thanks Shannon, it was a good post, thanks for sharing.