Those not worth getting to spots !!

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  1. head hunter

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    What's the farthest you've ever walked to get to a bank spot.???
    And how many pounds of gear did you drag with ya ????
    And was it even worth getting to .?????

    I fished the mouth of a feeder creek that dumps into a lake one time with a friend of mine ,(in his boat fishing the middle of creek mouth), and asked him if I could get to this spot by walking up the creek bank. He tells me there is a road with a bridge on it that I could park at and walk about a half mile or so to get there.
    next spring I head to this bridge and park ..tried to pack light ,,,but still have a 5 gallon bucket that's got 12 to 15 lbs of tackle in ziplock baggies ,,and cut bait,,pole holders,,,ect. PLUS my back pack with other misc ,,tackle ,,and snacks ,,and drinks. And 3 poles.
    I start down the trail ,,telling myself a half mile is not that far,,, But,,,I came to the end of the road after about a mile and a half, only to find .
    Another feeder creek that we did not see that day in the boat,,and I have no way to get around or past it..SO dropping all my sh*t,,, and a few choice words..I come to agree that I'm stuck.. And only then I realize I should've walked the other side of bank. wasted about 4 hrs ,,and walked at least 3 miles or so that day ........Didn't even think to ask him that day in the boat ,,,,what side of creek bank to walk up.
  2. lance

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    Maybe I am a little dated but as the band YES once said it can happen to you it can happen to me it can happen to everyone eventually ! Now try the same trip in Feb trout fishing and fallin to your waist and try to dead run the same distance in about 15 to 20 in. of snow !



    I have a number of spots where I must walk a minimum quarter mile and some more than a half mile.But,these are spots where I know there are fish.I also have a fishing cart which helps.
  4. DLB-in-GR

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    I saw a spot on the other side of a cove I was fishing that would give me better access. I looked at a map of the hiking trails where I was at, it didn't look too bad, but I'd need to cut across an area without any trail. An hour later I was traipsing knee deep across a swampy marshy area with a backpack, 3 rods, a net, a bucket, and all the other gear I lug around, only to find that there was no way to get to that spot I wanted to fish from.

    I now do my "exploring" without all my gear, in the spring usually before the fishing is great from the shore and I just want to get outside. I've found some really nice secluded spots around my local lake that I would have given up on if I had been lugging gear. Sometimes when fishing one of my great spots a boat will pull up and bass fishermen will ask how in the world I hiked to where I am at.
  5. Catmanblues

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    S.E Ohio
    Got one great spot that is about three quarters of a mile walk but usually worth the hike.
  6. metalman

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    About a mile and a half in the winter through snow:crazy:
    About 25lbs of gear plus rods:crazy:
    Absolutely, warm water discharge full of fish:big_smile:
  7. flathunter

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    A worn down path usually leads to a fished out hole...So some of my best spots require a walk of 1-2 hrs to get to, and I carry everything but the kitchen sink.

    But as I get older, those long walks get harder...But no matter how far I walk, or how remote the location, I always find some trash that some fool has left behind.

    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    My Fav winter time crappie spot is a solid mile walk from the parking spot,, and two miles(3 if you have been drinking) to get back to the truck!:wink::smile2::smile2:

    I have done some serious hiking to fish but reckon the worst I have done was when trout fishing a place called the Horseshoe on Abrams Creek TN.
    First you have to drive halfway round the one way, one lane, loop road. Maybe 5 miles, always at least an hour, count on 2 (tourist traffic, they stop for every squirrel, and park and get out for bears)

    Then, you hike way over the mountain and hit the Creek from which there is no way out till you get to the other side of the "shoe". The Creek bottom is composed of large slabs of very slick rocks, every one laying at near a 45 deg angle. Like I said, once in, you are in for the duration, the mountain sides are straight up steep. There is no creekside trail.

    If you are in REAL good shape, (say, just out of marine boot camp)you hurry, and you don't break a leg, or wrench your back (a very real possibility) you can make it out in 6 to 8 hours. But do so before dark! They lock the gate and you will be spending the night.

    It is heart breakingly pretty down there, but I will NOT be doing that ever again. :cool2:
  9. head hunter

    head hunter New Member

    LOL,,,, sounds like hell to me lol,, thanks.
  10. centexcop

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    Ten miles... Uphill both ways, barefoot, in the snow....Just to get bait.:smile2::smile2:

    JEFFRODAMIS New Member

    my trotlines i usecxd to check were bout a mile and a hlaf to the boat every morning before school 3:30-4am for a summer..then had to paddle half a mile up stream to check my lines..ride the current gear down there but i used to keep everything i caught so some mornings i had to lug back 50-80 lbs of fish


    The worse my back gets,the shorter the walk.:wink:
  13. Catfishboy1995

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    Council Bluffs
    When we go snaggin on the shore...We go about 45 minute drive from my house and go up to the bridge that goes over the river and my friends mom drives us in the truck and lets us out we walk under the bridge till we get to the river and then we walk down river and snagg the day away...and one day we realizied how far we walked and we decided it would be mid night before we got we took off east into a few corn fields and walked well over joke and i had just got off of the krutches from a torn acl and i was happy when i got done walking becasue my knee hadnt given out all day...Well we thought we had to walk about 20 min through a corn field and welll it ended up being a levee so we walked along it foe a while and there was a foot of snow on the gound on most off the field for some reason the levee was in the shade and had less snow on it but it was still enought to make it aroud 2 in the mornin we got back to a creek called piegon creek and calld my friends mom to come pick us would of only been a 2 mile walk back home fron the creek but we figured the amount of miles we walked we would find a piece of some thing to use for bait and sit on the creek side and fish untill she got to us and there was this old fella down there with a tub of worm and offered us up some so we said yea and fished for a while till my friends mom got there...she had to get dressed and do her hair to run and get us:eek:oooh:and go home and go to any way we fished and i got 2 3-4 lb cats and a bunch of bullheads and my friends dad got a few to and my friend got a few crappie...well we gave them to this old man since it was his bait we were using...and when we got home we wne to bed and woke up in the middle of the super was on my fun b-day if you ask first time snagging and a few pounds lost that were probabally gained back the minute i walked in the house:smile2:...All in all id say it was worth it...I got a new way to fsh in the winter and it is fun legal and im good at it and catch big fish...We each got a few big head carp...i got a common and a few catfish...flathead and channels..and i got a 6 ft gar...and them the creek fish...I had a blast and am lookimng forward to tomarrow as i plan on going snaggin down the srteet from my house for about a half hour to try and rack a few fish up before christmas!!!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to all BOC members and staff!!!
  14. Swampfox.

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    i got a spot on the bayou that i posted about this summer that is deep in the swamp on the russell sage wildlife refuge. its about a three or four mile drive down a gravel road. dark, dark, dark ,back there. no lights, no cell reception, nothing. i fished a log jamb on the R.R tressel. its really muddy when its rainy, and mosquitos the size of a small bird. well not quite that big, but it sure seems like it on a hot summer night. what really sucks and tests your patients to the limits is going threw all the crap to set up and gar is all that you catch.
  15. holliswood

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    King, NC
    Two miles tops or until someone starts letting the buckshot fly :crazy:
  16. motard1

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    I have a boat,so I dont walk often. But when I do bank it,its a short walk. Unless its a catch and release day. I pack light when I do this. And I dang sure dont wanna pack out any extra weight(fish)
  17. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I have a couple of spots that entail hiking and wading to get into.
    There aint but so much gear you can leave at home.
    Between two of us we condense it to one tackle bag with the bare essentials and a small military type back pack and of course a cooler a 12 pack will just fit in.
    It has been worth it. Not every trip but a few of those trips more then make up for the slow ones.
    The key is getting away from the easy to get to places. NOBODY fishes these spots but us. If people knew where it was they wouldn't go. You just don't find many people willing to wade at night.
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  18. 223reload

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    Very seldom walk more than 50 yds from my truck to fish,But there are a few areas that I go where that is as far as you want to go after traipsing down a 70 ft near verticle hill. You gotta get back UP ya know.:wink:
  19. wabah58

    wabah58 New Member

    1.2 miles, on my gps. When the river is in a flood condition here, have to make the 1.2 mile walk to get to a decent fishable spot. Unless you want to just fish open water, which is no walk at all.

    I only take what I need for the trip, 1 tackle bag, 2-3 poles, and a small cooler with my bait/ soda.
  20. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    If i have to walk more than 200Yds. I call it a 2 pole trip, cause that's all I take if I have to walk very far. I wear a vest with square pockets, that holds hooks,swivels and sinkers,pliers,camera. A thermos of coffee,baggy of cut bait, and a 5qt. bucket to hold live bait which is caught on the way in. Most of the time I don't walk into places any more.