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Original post made by Thom Williams(Thom) on January 17, 2005

I started fishing over 50 years ago when I was a boy of six growing up in the Texas panhandle. The only fishing waters we had were the farmers muddy stock ponds and I grew up on mostly yellow cats with an occasional channel cat bonus. When I was about 10, my dad took the family to a large reservoir in the Abilene area. He was gettin' into bass fishing. While he's out in the boat, I'm fishing off a dock near the launch ramp. Still trying for cats, but there are carp gulping the surface everywhere. I was hooked.

Began reading everything I could find about 'em in the Field & Stream and Outdoor Life mags at the library and found a recipe for carp doughbait. Made some up and used it the next time we went to Abilene. Began catchin 50 to 100 carp every day with it. Most in the one to three pound size, but one monster of 28 pounds. Quite a chore on and old Zebco 33. This is still the best bait I have ever used for carp.

Using equal parts of each ingredient, mix the following: ( I used two cups of each)

yellow corn meal
white flour
soybean meal (feed store)

in seperate pot, boil up a pacage of STRAWBERRY Jello.

Pour the jellow into the dough mixture and stir until you get a thick bread dough consistency. You may need to add some tap water if mixture remains too dry.

Take a handfull of cotten batting or cotton balls. Tear it into strings.

When you have a lump of uniformly mixed dough, knead the cotton into the mixture as good as possible. This makes the bait r-e-a-l-l-y hang onto the hook good. Not necessary, but really helps.

This batch would fill a 3# coffee can and last me all weekend.

Takes a little work to make it, but the rewards make it worth it.

By the way, on eatin the trashy ol' bugle mouth bass (carp). Skin the carp. Then remove the darker line of meat running down each side. This is the "blood line" and this is what gives the carp the muddy taste most people say turns them off. Place the skinned carp (less all fins, tail and head, and, ofcourse, the guts) in a pressure cooker. Cook on high for 35 minutes. The meat will fall away from the bones in clumps. A few of the smaller bones may still remain in the meat, but they are cooked so soft, you will never know they are there. Now make patties of the meat and soda cracker crumbs with egg whites.
Fry as you would salmon patties and serve with home fries and corn bread. MMMMMMMMM.

I'll post later with some carp "facts" that I have found over the last 48 years.

If you can't eat it, catch it anyway.
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