This years slop (IOWA style)

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    I have to slop it up a little...I am a Iowan and we have PIGS..Proud to be a native of this state. we have very large deer & some good size fish...its home... this year has been fast and furious once past the flood I filled my freezor in week or so and have caught several 15lb range kitteys,the proof is in my picture album them all are pictures of this year and my dedicatin/love of the water flooded or not I will fish in a cornfield quick...hell a puddle will do if it has something to catch in it.....just thinking bout it I am ready to go get the boat out(LOL)....I hope next year is better and I can break the 20's again "some day!"-two years ago befor I jioned the BOC I slammed 5 fish in the 25-30 largest 28lb blue...course this year aint over yet......some on here make me look like a cupcake & they have it ...I am tryin to get it and I am gonna doer...Its awsome and I love the river and all it has to offer ....The Sippi is da bomb.....most of the time could care less what I catch as long as I catch something/anything gotta love the rush when yer pole is bent to the reel and you get er in ....OH YEAH! next time on this page I will have a hawg weather it be a flatt or blue & it will be over 20:crazy:JUST HIDE & WATCH:wink:(LOL)in the mean time I will throw these 15s round and practice there nice catches and worthy of a bragg er two.....hell after two I stop countin anyway gotta keep my hands free fer the pole and what on the other end:wink:funny year or not I am havin the time of my life out there & it dont get no better....
    It sure is a awsome feeling to have all of this so anyone want to roll out....yer spot or mine lets go kittien(LOL)