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    I was reading an article yesterday again at how bad the fur market prices are going to be and that is only if there are buyers. That got me thinking (and worrying) that maybe we as trappers are going about this the wrong way. I've read and heard lots of times...take a kid out with you and pass on the knowledge and heritage. I agree with that but that is just one part. No one will stay with it if there is no market for wild fur or should I say hardly no one. Along with teaching someone about trapping we need to push our products. How many of you trappers wear or have anything made from the animals you trap? You can have some real nice gloves, hats and teddy bears and other things made that are not that expensive and make great gifts along with many different styles of coats and vests. I think along with a tanking world economy that quality products that can last a lifetime could be a good product to have. If people start to realize the benefits of fur then maybe we can create a bigger market for them. How many people know someone who deer hunts? Now I ask how many people know someone who traps? Or better yet, owns something made from wild fur? We trappers need to start working on saving our industry or it will be lost forever. This year I have several gifts made for Christmas from last years catch, and I will be wearing my warm hat made from beaver this year on the line and I hope someone stops me and asks where I got the great hat. I hope I have a good year trapping so next year I can give even more gifts. Why can't it be nice again to wear fur...only we can do it. This is just my thoughts, what do you guys think? Good luck this season and everyone be safe!
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    Well in so many words without alot of commenting on this "I Agree with you 100%"

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    Exactly what he said! :smile2: