This weekend just keeps getting better!!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Flatheadhunter33, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Flatheadhunter33

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    Yuma, Arizona
    I started a thread earlier this week concerning some land locked fish in a local body of water that is drying up...well I whent out last night with a few buddies and my oldest son. When we got there it was just as my buddy explained it. There were so many fish that we could literally see them swimming and chasing eachother around. We only got action from one channel cat. It was a lil baby so back he whent. Everything else was large mouth action. Now, I was all set for some catfishing but, the top water action was unbelievable! Nice size fish too. We kept a few and after scouting the area we found a hole that was maybe 8ft so we released most of our catch there. Best of all, my son had never done any top water stuff before but he took to it like he was born to do it:big_smile: ! We whent back early this morning before sun up and caught a few more and released them all into a bigger hole.

    Now tonight, we will be at my neighbors' for a going away party (they have orders to Hawaii) so, now it's just about time to start drinking:wink:...considering the fact that I worked last weekend, this weekend just keeps getting better! See yall later! I tried to attach some pics but I guess they exceed the allowable limits. Sorry bout that.
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    Sounds a little like paradise there, got lousy weather here for fishing. Have a blast!

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    Sounds like (((FUN)) i am going to try to get away at 3:00 so i might can have some fun cating TIMBO
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    Sounds like u had a nice time.
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    Poor guy, depoyed to Hawaii!! Scofield Barracks? I was at Hickam AFB while in the Air Force.