This season's biggest desapointment

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Little Luey, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Little Luey

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    What had been the biggest disapointment so far this season?

    I know the team that is probably the biggest disapointment has to be the San Diego Chargers, I mean this was supposed to be their super bowl year according to many.

    The injury to Brady and the slow start of Peyton Manning, who would have guess they would have the records they have this time of the year, I thought we would be talking about another run at a perfect season right about now.

    For me as a Bears fan I am disapointed with the way their defence has been inconsistent, what is different over there and what is going on is anyone's guess; it is not like they had any mayor injuries and yet they are not playing well. The offenciveness of the offence is not a surpricing to me.:angry:

    What do you guys think?:confused2:
  2. bobs bait

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    north carolina
    well i am a southern transplant am a ny giant fan 1st but also like the panthers who some weeks play great then next week suck if they do not win mon against tampa looks like they are doomed again just my 2 cents worth

  3. zeboman

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    The Steelers offense is the biggest disappointment so far but they do seem to be coming around just in time.
  4. Dano

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    Besides me not being able to watch much fotball this season. For me it was The injury to Brady. I was hopeing for a great Pats season and watching him play with the Pats, it was SB time for them again. I enjoy good QB's like Brady, the Manning, Brett F. and team work. . There is always next year. Brady will be back and breaking more records. Seems the Colts and others haven't been as good this year too but the Gaints are

    Jerry Jones Cowboys's biggest disappointment has to be spending all that money and a little pinky finger ruins the season. LOL. He should have signed Brett F. That man will play with any finger broken.
    Maybe Next year Jerry will sign on Michael Vick. for millions. He seems to like
    those in the spot light. LOL.
  5. Grimpuppy

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    Concordia, KS
    You have to remember you lost Ron Rivera your Def coordinator. He played and learned under Buddy Ryan.
  6. Mi11er

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    Independence, M
    This has been a weird year. The league seems to be in a state of flux. The AFC west, usually a powerhouse, frankly sucks. The Chiefs could not even eek out a 8 win season and be in the mix in a crappy division:confused2:
  7. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    1. San Diego Chargers

    2. Jacksonville Jaguars

    3. Denver Broncos

    4. Buffalo Bills

    5. Houston Texans

    6. How the NFC South is strong.

    7. How much money the wasted on Jamarcus Russell.

    8. How much money they wasted on Vince Young.

    9. Colts D.
  8. Little Luey

    Little Luey New Member

    You may be on to something there, those guys who played with the Bears during the 80s were pretty intense, that is also how Mike Singeltary is and Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka are from that same school. Lovie Smith is a good coach and a very nice human being but the one thing he is not is instense, he does not show a lot of emotion and I wonder if that is the reason the players do not excel under him. The Tampa 2 defence was supposed to be his thing when he was hired as the coach but I think the intensity and fire was Ron Rivera's.
  9. roondad

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    my biggest disappointment this season is that we run the risk of an all manning superbowl!:eek:oooh::sad2: