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    Half the time my mind stays in rhyming mode. Wrote a l'il ditty the other day about the BOC, so I thought I'd create somethin' for the CCC too - although I can't really imagine us standin' around in Gander Mountain singin' :smile2:. This won't win any awards, but I hope ya like it.

    Here's a link to the tune:
    (For some of these verses, you have to sing a couple of words/syllables on one note to get 'em all in, but it works :wink:.)

    The CCC For Me

    The CCC for me! Yes, that's the place I'll be! Gander Mountain store, in a 'ville called Moores; The CCC for me!

    The CCC for me! Guest speakers we will see. So listen close, make yourself some notes; The CCC for me!

    The CCC for me! I know we all agree. That fishin's fun, whether rain or sun; The CCC for me!

    The CCC for me! We'll stand up and decree. Let's save big fish, keep 'em out the dish; The CCC for me!

    The CCC for me! At 7 pm bud-dies! Second Wednesday night of the month - THAT'S RIGHT! The CCC for me!

    The CCC for me! We're in good company. With friends galore, who could ask for more?! The CCC for me!
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    Ms CatGirl, on your first visit to the CCC, I want you to lead us in singing our new song. Hopefully, we will not upset the fine folks at Gander Mtn. with our off key notes. Or maybe, we will just let you do the singing and we will just listen. Thanks for composing this song for us. Mac