this may wind up in the HI room, but

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Phil Washburn

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    it is headline news. this event chills my soul.

    it has been said that if God doesn't come soon, He owes sodom and gommorah an apology. this illustrates that evil man can be...and we just had news of the lunatic that threw her 3 children off the bridge....

    may the good Lord have mercy on our wicked hearts :crying:

    i don't understand a loving husband or wife trying to kill their spouse
  2. T-Bone

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    I am just in shock over what I've just read. Can anyone agree with this B*#+h ?

    After 58 years of marriage, this is how a man is treated by his wife ! OMG, If a man wants to live and can tell his family he wants to live, why in the world would she be trying so hard to KILL him? Was she the one that smacked him in the head with a tree limb when no one was around ? Maybe she wants the money? If a man is well enough to say he wants to live, how in the world can another decide he should die ? I can see it (maybe) being o.k. if he was not in his right mind and not able to agree or disagree or if he was in a coma. But this man knew what was happening around him.
    We should all make arrangments to care for our selfs.

  3. Dano

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    Could be Phil, Could be, end up in H.I. area. But glad you brought it up.

    I sure understand what your saying Phil. There are some sorry people in the world. Could be greed, money, one way ness etc. that causes many things. Everyone should have a choice and the choice of preparing for death may not be what one wont's when that time comes. No one will no for sure how they will react when it happens to them. Still if one can, their choice needs to be honored unless it's made very very clear otherwise. And even then, one must know for sure, that their is no other choice to be made between life and
    death. If one can understand what is going on and they have a change of mind, so be it.

    For me, I all ready have my wishes ready. I don't want to run up bills that takes eeverything from my family. I don't have much to leave behind. I be dam if Doctors, Hosiptles, etc. is going to drain it all out of my family trying to keep me alive for a few more days. I want pain killer if needed and let nature take its course. I want give up but if there is no other chopice, pull the plug..

    You know, when my brother died. Thjey said he had hours left. He Knew and I knew he was not going to live. He told me and wrote it out what he wanted. No Pain and he was in much pain. At the last, I asked doctors to give him more pain killer. They would not do it until it was time for next dose cause of addiction. They gave him a few hours to live and worried about additction. LOL. Well the rest of what happen I will keep to myself but he did end up getting it from the doctor. I keep my word.
    Killer of it all was, last 5 days it cost over 25K and they was worried about a 20. shot for pain.

    This is a hard subject for me. I had to make a decision on 3 people to turn em off or not. I waited till the very last moment to honor their wishes. I'm still not sure if I didn't wait long enough are maybe I waited too long. That is a very long story that needs a campfire to sit around and to talk about.

    Bottom line, the heck with third party hear say. Media etc. Let the family handle it the best they can between themselves. Aint no ones else's business. It's a no win situation..

    the lunatic that threw her 3 children off the bridge.. I saw story but haven't read it all yet. Just parts. I can't stand TV news but I do watch now and then just to try and keep up. I haven't watched in a couple of days cause I don't want to see the B.S. over and over again with the only part of story being told is dirty laundry. The title of that story turns my stomach. I can't stand child abuse. That is what comes to my mind by the title of story. I don't want to hear or see it cause it tears me up inside to see how media, courts etc. plays this type of crime out to the gills.
  4. fwmud

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    Just tell me this;
    In what state any state, can someone be "OK" to raise 3 kids who is a known and medically classified as a CARD CARRING skitsziod?
    Any and every person who Ok'ed her having care and custody of these children , should be thrown off the same pier.
  5. Dano

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    Keith, you dang sure are right on the money on that one.
    It's a matter of not doing the job mostly with the excuse of, not having the money in budget, over worked etc. but many times , they just dont care.

    I hate to say it but the village needs to handle this one and do it to where someone will think twice about what to do next.. KWIM.
    (Know what I mean)
  6. Dreadnaught

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    Personaly I am appaled at the way the state agencies handled this, It was almost like they didn't want to hear any of it so they wouldn't have to deal with it.

    And if I was this guy I would calmly call her to me so that she was real close and.........................................Strangle the life out of her as I went to greener pastures!!!!

    This is just plain wrong!!!!

    RIVER-RAT New Member

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    Dano, I hope I never have to experience what you've experienced, how awful, I'm so sorry to hear that.

    I agree with you 100 percent when it comes to running up bills. I want my family to have and ENJOY what I've worked so hard for. The last thing I want for my family to have to deal with is some gosh darn bill collector calling and threatening them. I say throw me in a pine box, bury me in the back yard and let nature take it's course.

    Child abuse and spousal abuse is a whole other topic. Unfortunately I deal with both on a daily basis. You know it's pretty messed up when a fella has to have a license to catch fish, but any 'ol sh** bum can reproduce. It's a viciuos cycle, the abusees soon become the abusors, and it just continues and continues. And I tell you what, these people that commit these crimes have more rights then any law abiding citizen out there. When they commit a horendous crime, these da** lawyers line up to defend them!!! Then the prosecution becomes the bad guys!! The defense tries to discredit the prosecution's witnesses and tries to protray the defendant as a victim!! Are you kidding ME!!!!!

    HAAAAAAAAAAA............ I'm done......had to vent...just seen to much dooty over the years and this topic struck a cord.
  8. FS Driver

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    sounds to me like she is wanting to (get it over with and move on).
    i think we are all guilty of haveing said or made a comment that we never fully thought we would have to see or deal with as an absolute reality.
    its a sad situation for all concerned there as it looks like the mother has just turned over half her kids against her in one fell swoop of the tounge.
    if the man said no i would think that this means no and that should be the end of the discussion its not as though he was in a vegitative state and
    couldn't respond.(too bad for the loveing wife on that note).
    phil i agree with the atrocious acts of the mother drowning her children but its hardly anything new really.
    it seems like this country spins further and further out of control on these type of terrible crimes or violent acts. its sickening to hear about these stories
    to this day i still recall the horrible acts commited in britain oe england by two young teens that escorted a toddler out out of a crowded mall in the middle of the day with the toddler protesting and people thought it was 3 brothers.
    they cut off his privates and blungeoned him to death in a remote railroad
    area on the outskirts of town one of the monsters told of the little boy pleading and crying for his daddy to save him .
    my son was the same age as this little boy when this happened and i was in tears at work hearing this on the radio . i was furious and wished i could murder those two teens for being so screwed up and evil.
    each year there is more and more stupid and senseless murders and crimes
    involveing our children and young adults let alone the grown ups its
    mind boggleing.
  9. sassafrass

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    Big Flat AR.
    Ok the hard part here is which one of the family will have the final say. I have two different views of this. The case in florida was a totaly different set of problems than this guy. Terrie was not aware and had not been for many years and there was not a very reasondable chance that she would every recover. I did not agree to starving her but, I also didn't think that any heroice efferts should have been made ether.
    On the other hand this gental men is aware and has made his wishes known for years what he would do. The wife has the responsiblity to act as she has been instructed by her husband of 58 years. The childern have also been aware of there fathers wishes. Now the kicker here is the husband has made his wishes known and they have changed in the last few months. He can still function enough to let his family and doctors know that he is not willing to be released from his human shell that his body has become. These wishes have come at a time when he is not able to speak, but other metheds have been used and the answer is that he wishes to remain.
    I have just had to make this desicion for my husband but mine was made easier in that he was not going to every come back. There was no hope of any treatment that would every make him well.
    This must be a very tormenting time for all of the family. All I can say is I hope that the wife and the childern will remember that they are a family and not let this destroy their love for one another. I can't say that it is right but i know that the spouse is the first and usualy the last to make decisions in cases like this. The courts will take a long time to make a decision and a lot of money, that could be better spent on something that might make his life, for as long as he has, easyer, This decison is really in the hands of another to make and all the time and money will not make a bit of difference in the end.
    I will add this family to my prayer list and all familys that have to make this most hard of discesions.
  10. capt.kirk

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    there is no need for this to go to the for child abuse if makes me
    want to throw up every time i hear about it,as for my self as soon as we
    are positive of guilt the person should be HUNG in the court house lawn or
    just plain destroyed like a mad dog or do what they did to the WITCHES of
    salem. :cursing:

    as far as getting sick with no chance of recovery,i have a living will thats,
    says NO LIFE SUPPORT,my wife has one that says the same thing and all
    of our children have a copy of it,in case we were both in an accident,and
    one could not speak for the money grubbing doctors will get our
    last dollar,which is about what we have now. :) pardon my spelling.