This is really not my day....Heater Core wifes car

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by teaysvalleyguy, Aug 20, 2007.

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    First my car bit the dust, so at least I can drive the wifes for a little while while she uses her dads car. He is an OTR trucker which works out for us.

    Wife says, my car started acting up today. So, I said what is wrong. My windows are fogging up.

    So, now I am driving a car that I have to wipe the windows down about every 2 miles or so.

    Does any of that bottled stuff actually work on the heater core or should I just plan on a couple hundred dollar fix here??

    Thanks in advance, I'm going to bed before anything else happens.

    Tomorrow is a new day, I hope!!!
  2. jason454ci

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    I wouldn't really suggest putting stop leak in it. Yes most of it does work but at the same time it is plugging the leak it is plugging other things to. The best thing to do is get it replaced. For the time being until you can get it fixed you can take both heater hoses off where they connect to the firewall and connect them together with a heater hose connector or a old deep well socket. You won't have any heat but it will keep the antifreeze off the window until you get it repaired.

  3. MRR

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    Boy Tea it sounds like your having my kind of luck.
    I would not put anyof that stuff in a radiator your just asking for more trouble. Just get it fixed.Your gonna need it in a few months anyway.
    Like posted just block of heater hose till you do fix it. Don't think you need to much heat right now anyway:roll_eyes: Best of luck buddy on your cars.