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The rest I will build for someone else,,Whew, what do you guys think?...

#5-GUSA-B85 MEGAMAG Blank, Ox Blood Red.
ATC TITANS GNIC casting guides, 30,25,20,16,12,10,10,10 tip..
All under-wraps are Size A, Metallic / 3/16" HT 9001 Black Metallic Trim bands single thread of HT 9006 Blue Steel added to finish wrap.Single thread added of 9326 Red Metallic in center for 5 turn inlay under behind guide ring center.

Over-wraps of Size D,Metallic. 9326 Red Metallic Trim bands with single thread 9001 Black inlay
Alps CentraLoc seat. TICO
14" RED Hypalon Rear handle
8" RED Hypalon Foregrip
Custom Alum fighting butt cap-,Polished Alum/Brass Ring
Marbleizing -Red M.F/ Silver / Black M.F. / Gold Ore..
Pattern of rolling flames going up blank from for-grip, that has matching trim band as furrel wraps..

Hand Crafted by FlameKeeper Rods.
Kenneth W Price.


1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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