This is how I make my sinkers.. How do you make yours

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    :cool2: I thought I would share with you how I learned to make my weights.. It is very inexpensive and it works for me here.. I posted this in a making weights reply but I don't believe this is what they were actually looking for so I thought I would share it with everyone. The other post has a couple of diffent pictures too if you want to see them.. They are under the post MAKING SINKERS on PAGE 3

    Here are the pictures of all you need from walmart.
    1/4" Slingshot Pellets $2.50 (Sporting Section next to bb's and slingshots)
    If you cant find them, use the pellets from 12 gauge buckshot shells.
    CampCord AKA Paracord $1.50 (in the Fishing Section with the Camping stuff)
    Anykind of needle nose plyers
    Knife (Not Pictured)
    Swivels (Any kind you want to use.) .60 cents.

    The more pellets you add the heavier.. You could even add 2 of these to 1 fishing line. The shorter ones in the picture I use for drift fishing. The longer ones for still fishing. If you look close you will see different ways that I add the Swivels


    Cut Desired length you want.
    Remove Mantle from inside sheathing use needle nose or tweesers.
    Slip one end over needle nose and use lighter to burn an open mold
    Began adding pellets. I use 15 for for drifting, and 25 for still fishing
    Burn bottem end, then pinch it with plyers to form a closed end.
    Take the other end tie it threw the swivel and burn loose end..
    And whalah, you have sinkers..

    Very Cheap to do. You can be creative come up with your own ideas, but please do share.. When you look at the ones I made, you will see how I used a few different swivels. I will push the sheath through the swivel, put another pellet in and then burn it. This way I dont' have to tie it closed..

    I would like to buy Para cord by the rolls if I could, but I have a hard time finding it. If anyone knows of a place please let me know..


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    That's GREAT Lenny.I drift fish alot for Channel Cat and I think these Might Work!! Rep.Points to You My Friend. J.D.
    :big_smile_2: :big_smile_2: :big_smile_2:

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    Quick Simple and Effective, I may have to make some of these one of these days!



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    And they say americans don't manufacture any more! LOL! Great way to handle it Len.
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    Lenny thats a great idea. I am going to give that a try. Thanks for sharing.:lol:
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    Your very welcome. I just went to the Army Navy Surplus store on Rivers Ave in the Gas Light Shopping center. He has the Green Paracord that I love.. I just bought 100 feet for 10.00.. If you need a phone number to the store let me know I will get for you..

    Just for info.. The canal lakes on the diversion canal sells these same weight that I make for $1.50 a piece, and I just saw some at Dicks sporting goods and they sell 2 for 2:00 with out the swivel..

    They have been very usefull for me cause the weights follow the conture of the bottom (like a snake) of the lake so it minimizes snags..

    Now here is a tip.. When you tie your line to these weights, tie the line from the rod end to the same hole the Weights are tied to.. Use a lower #test line to tie to your hook and unused swivel hole. This way if it does snag on the bottom and you have to break your line, You will break your Hook Leader and wont loose your weights.. :wink:

    Hope that makes sense..