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This happend to us

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Hi i'm Matt Buffkin. this is a true story about me and my older brother Chris .
It all started when my brother's friend let us borrow his flat bottom river boat ( with no motor by the way) so we end up going to wal mart to buy some cheap paddles and other stuff for the trip. We set off for the Saluda River it's long , deep , and fast it's my favorite spot to catch fish mostly striper and rainbow trout. When this particular incident happend it was prime time for trout. So there we are unloading the boat at the boat ramp .My brother climbed in the boat first then I pushed us off as soon as I sat down i heard water gushing in the boat damn we didn't look over the boat to see if there was any holes in the boat sure nuff there was some holes. We was scrambling to find a stick or something to plug the holes up we did.
So everything was going great we was fishing with corn on th bottom and every hour or so we landed fish after fish it was great our dream has now come true were on the river catching fish and on a boat . All this time my brother is bailing water out the boat all we had was a beer can cut in half that was s low going.
So we pulled anchor and drifted down river a little bit to find a good looking spot to anchor out . The river was swift that day . So we found a good spot try out, still fish after fish we were landing all of a sudden I felt something brush up aginst my leg I looked down to see what it was damn sure nuff it was the fish stringer i tied around my leg slipping over the side of the boat in to the water . I said ( oh no bro !) and my brother replied ( what man?) I said with my head hung ( I lost the fish) there was silence. We both peered over the boat and we could see the fish on the bottom stringer and all . We tried everything from trying to snag it with our hooks to snagging it with the paddles .... no luck. So my brother spoke up and said( I'll jump for'em) now this was 20 foot deep water cold to boot. So he took his shirt off handed me his 300$ cellphone and truck keys and he said to me what ever you do dont get these wet so I said ( yea man ) so he jumped in the water and swam down to get the fish. He popped up , gott'em, . He was still in the water and he said to me to lift the anchor and drift down to this small rock and grab it to stop the boat so we can land and get things together. So i pulled up the anchor and as soon as i did the current swept me down a lot faster than I had thought it would. Now, I'm not a small man by any means, and the little john boat had quite a bit of water in it by this time, I was sitting pretty low in the water. I leaned over the side to grab this little rock before I went by it. Next thing I know the boat is filling with water! My brother can only stand and watch as me and all his belongings proceed to sink. The boat filled with water but still managed to float so I swam it to the bank. My brother met me on the other side of the river and we dumped the water out the boat, took a breather and paddled back upstream to the boat ramp. Chris had to break into his brand new truck because the remote alarm on his keychain was soaked. All I could do was stand at the bottom of the boat ramp and listen to Chris cussing and swearing, his alarm was wailing and he was pulling wires trying to get it off.
We rode home soaking wet in silence but, with 10 nice trout in the back of the truck.
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Sounds like you guys an adventure there... Glad things worked
Hi Matt.Sounds like you had a great trip.No one was hurt and you came out alive!I hope you and Cris have many more trips,and I hope this is the worst that you ever have.It is what you learn,that saves your life,and makes for great future trips.It reminds me of some of my trips.Anyone can have a regular old fishing trip.Yours is called an adventure.May you have many more.Ain;t life great! peewee-williams
thanks it was a hell of a day .thanks peewee.

nice to see someone else with a boat with no motor lol
definitely came out with a pretty good story at least.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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