this goes to everyone who lives in clinton county iowa.

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    ok, i been lookin for boats for a while. and i found one. though its not what i want. the good thing about is is that its a pure cast aluminum v bottom boat. junky. VERY JUNKY! though free. so i think ill put in new board seats and a new starboard. it needs new paint, a trailer, seats, motor, EVERYTHING! though if i can pull this off, i might be able to pull 1 to 2 grand for this. if i can get those things.with motor i bet i can get 3 or 4 grand. i got this from a guy whose selling his pond. Larry Ban Dixon. he sold the house and pond to his neighbor for 150,000 dollars. and i also got a truck camper for free with the boat. GOOD DEAL! :lol: :lol:
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    You can't beat free. Plus if it leaks it can be welded.