Thinking about quitting/giving up?? Read this First

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by SubnetZero, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. SubnetZero

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    Sherman IL
    Took my son fishing this morning and it got me to thinking (doh! look out :roll_eyes: )
    I've seen a few threads here that a few guys were thinking about giving up/selling their gear/quitting fishing altogether...

    Before you do Please do me a favor. Take your son/daughter, niece/nephew, or the kid down the street before throwing in the towel.. Im sure there is at least one kid thats a good fishing age that lives in your neighborhood that my be from a single parent home/their dad don't take em/whatever.. Just take a kid fishing..
    Concentrate on Them catching fish. Heck, if your thinking about getting rid of your gear, then loaning them a rod shouldn't be that big o deal, right?

    You'll be amazed at how much fun it is to catch catfish, bluegill, bass, drum, anything that sinks the bobber :wink:

    You also find:
    A) you'll become a better fisherman
    B) You may ignite a life long passion
    c) You will most likely have more fun then them
    D) You'll give them memories they will carry the rest of their life. (Just imagine when they log onto the BOC when they 30, 40, 50 years old and talk about how their neighbor Mr. Smith used to take em fishing and taught em how to catch em and how lucky they were somebody took the time to show them) ..
    The list could go on an on.. Its a sure fire way to get you back into the "fun" side of fishing. Watching a young/new fisherman reel in that first catch, even a bluegill, is a guaranteed way to but a smile on your face :big_smile:
  2. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    You might even get falsely labeled a deviate...:crazy: Take a chaperone...

  3. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Good points for both of ya there. The world is a crazy place these days!!
  4. hear_kitty

    hear_kitty New Member

    Vassar Mi
    Always take time to take a kid fishing! Theres nothing like the smlie and the sparkel in there eyes!
  5. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    SEE, there are more reasons to fish than just plain old self gratification!!!

    Great Post Brother!!!
  6. Georgiajack

    Georgiajack New Member

    You've got the right idea, only take the kids mom along too, and four good witnesses from your church. These days you never know. Jack.

    DANZIG New Member

    West Virginia
    Excellent advise!
    Many kids would love to fish but have no tackle, boat, way to the water, or someone to show them how.
    I was lucky. I had a Grandmother who loved to fish and I always lived near water of some sort, creek, pond, or river. Even if I did often get my keester busted for going to the river without an adult. LOL!
  8. RIP

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    Somerville, Tennessee
    Good thread my friend was going to rep. you for it, but you guessed it, it wouldn't let me.
  9. cnwamw

    cnwamw New Member

    awesome thread !!!!!!!
  10. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    i agree that throwin in the towel should be a last resort.
    now about the deviate chester talk ...
    sad to say that that could very well be true.
    if thats the case as far as being afraid of this sort of stuff
    there are plenty of adults shut ins or elderly who would love to get out and fish but maybe dont really know where to go or have no means to get there.maybe a handicap young adult.

    if you are not haveing any luck at a body of water maybe ask other fishermen how they are doing and what they are useing .

    if you consistantly go to the same spot each trip then maybe you need to go to a different location.
    get a lawn cart and pack your stuff up and walk the bank.

    all that is actually need to fish the bank is of course after your pole /reel
    is a few hooks sinkers and a couple of bobbers .if its hot weather
    you can get a backpack with a couple bottles of water put your little amount of tackle and walk the bank if you want put a little stadium seat cusihon to sit on and try different spots .
    i would limit my tackle to enough to retie a half a dozen times.
    a slip bobber set up is hard to beat as you can tell the depth of the water
    with this setup.
    i get skunked in the boat and the bank sometimes.
    some days fish dont bite as good as others or they move around
    and arent in the locations you may think they would be .
    given up is too easy.
  11. SilverCross

    SilverCross New Member

    Fairbury, Illin
    Yep I took my great nephew this summer, but maybe next year he will be ready. He has no patience at all and attention span is about a blink long. I spent most of my time trying not to get hooked by him. I have another little boy that is wanting me to take him so soon as it cools off a bit we will give it a try. I think this little one will pay more attention to what he is being taught and seems to have a little more ateention span. Guess I will see, I know it will cool off eventually.