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    I know this is a catfishing website, but I ran across an amazing story about Shaw Grigsby the other day. He was fishing a qualifying tournament, fighting to win enough points in 2006 to qualify for the Bassmaster Classic. He was only one place out of the top ten in the tournament that he was fishing, and he needed to move up into the top ten to make the necessary points to qualify for the classic.

    To make a long story short, Shaw thought he had missed out on the final day of fishing, so he asked his co-angler that was fishing alongside him in the boat on day 3 what he had done differently to catch bigger fish than what Shaw was able to land that day. Now, when Shaw asked this he thought he was going to be excluded from the final day of fishing, so he didn't think it was a big deal, he just wanted to know the technique the other guy was using for future reference. After finding out from his co-angler what the guy was doing differently, he got the call to say that he had indeed qualified to fish day 4 of the tournament and his hopes of qualifying for the classic were still very much alive. Without hesitation, he called in and told the director of the tournament what he had done, and that he had obtained information from his co-angler, which would eliminate him from fishing on day 4 of the competition.

    Here's a link to the story:

    My question is: if given the same set of circumstances, and having the opportunity to fish the grandaddy of all tournaments, do you think you could rat yourself out on some obscure rule? I don't think anybody but Shaw would've ever known about his rule violation, yet he did it anyway. I'm pretty darn impressed. My dad has always told me that integrity isn't what you do when all eyes are on you, but what you do when nobody is looking. Looks like Shaw has integrity with plenty of good character to go with it.
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    I do get bassmaster magazines but I don't think I read that one. thx

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    I've met Shaw and he is a stright forward guy. Well respected by the other pros. You can see why. There is others out there like him but not many. Most of them is about the dollar and sponsorship. Thanks for sharing the story.
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    I was talking to John Jamison this weekend about last years King Kat Classic, and how close they came to winning the event. He told me he brought into the boat a 38lb Blue cat that would have put him over the top, but the cat was foul hooked on the outside of the mouth. He put the fish back in the water. Phil King was just a 100 or so yards away, and when John threw the fish back, Phil threw his arms up in the air as if to say what the heck? Nobody but John and his partner would have known, but there was no question what he should do.
    It would suck to be in that position, but I would have to do the right thing.
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    well, that is one honest guy, I kind of did something like that exept there wasnt quite somuch money involved, I was having a catfishing contest with my moms boyfriend, and my lil brother, we each put up 5 dollars, winner take all, i hooked into a fish that would of won, it was a 16lb blue cat, but when i checked, it had been hooked wrong, threw the outside of the mouth, so i threw it back, but with the money on the line from bassmasters, i dont know if i could have done it.
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    Your integrity and character are everything! One must never do anything that would cast suspision on it. If you do it is likely you won't live it down. Why become someone who has lost the respect of their friends and family? It's just not worth it,again just my humble opinion!:smile2:
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    That takes a lot of self respect and respect for his sport. I shore didn't know about that rule. I could see not asking about what he was doing while thay fishing. I know it the rules. But at the end day with the boat on the trailer.
    Anybody that has bass fished knows patterns change from day to day. That part of rule sounds to me like needs to be changed.