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You stop to gas up your boat on the way to your fishing location and you get a little gas or oil on your hands. Or you are going to fish at night and you put some bug spray on your hands, face and neck. Or you put after shave lotion on your face before you head out to fish. Or you get some other type of unnatural scent on your hands. And then you spent some time on the water fishing and you don't do very well and you blame it on the North East wind, full moon, too much natural bait in the lake or river, or some other excuse for not catching many if any fish.

You get home and read on the BOC message board that so and so fished the same area and got a PB and a bunch of other cats to go along with it. You start wondering if you selected the right hole to fish in or if there was some thing wrong with your bait selection or if you were drifting too fast or too slow.

What you did was transfer the gas, oil, lotion, etc. to your bait from your hands and Mr. Whiskers came along and smelled it and said no way do I want that in my mouth. The solution is to clean your hands real good, several times if necessary and then when you get ready to fish. Take one of your dead bait and squeeze it in your hands and more or less wash your hands in the juices of the bait and then towel dry your hands and then start baiting up. The more natural the bait smells the more fish you will catch. Been there, done that! Mac
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