things to take fishing that might save your life

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    here is a list of the things you need on your fishing trip even if its in your own yard:

    1.cell phone ! if you are seriously injured you need it to call 911 or someone closeby can call it.
    2.hopefully a friend, or relative (preferably one who can drive you to the er if injury is severe.
    3.a first aid kit yeah goes without saying but do you have one in your tackle box?? or vehicle? tourniquets and band aids could help you in the long run.
    4.a toolbox with tools for any situation not just hammers lol
    5.a guide if you arent sure how to navigate the river very good.
    6. hopefully a small gas can full of gas lol but smoke at your own risk! lol
    7.bungee chords these things can be a life saver on a fishing trip! they can secure your boat or fishing equipment so you dont have the flying tacklebox of death coming at you at 55 miles an hour heck any mph is dangerous with flying gear! lol
    8.thick and strong rope for fish baskets or stringers or anything else you need secured lol
    9.a map of the area you are fishing at if you are unfamiliar with it.
    10.matches to start a fire if you need to get warm fast or if you have some four legged company of the wrong kind! (coyotes or wolves)
    11. something to keep snakes away like a bb gun or pellet pistol just dont buy a replica version or a ranger might think you are about to shoot them.
    maybe a red ryder bb gun? nah you'll shoot your eye out kid! lol j/k
    12. the last thing is yourself home safely ! because we are all expecting you to come back and tell us about your fun time and your buddies oopsies and incidents with falling in with pictures hopefully! lol
    thanks guys !