Things That "Take You Back"

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    I got a call early Friday evening, I picked it up just like I always do, a very familiar voice was on the other end. "Don't You Know When Your Caller ID says Virgina Call, it's me" :lol: It was my old high school best friend. I hadn't really seen him for a while, I guess a couple years really. But before that it was a long time too. We were as close as you could be. His family steered me in the right direction, w/ out their guidense I'd prob have been in jail. Now I'm not saying we were saints :wink: , we did some stuff that the kids at Fairborn High School STILL talk about; (think of the movie Dazed & Confused w/ out the Drugs & Alcohol. :smile2:) Good times man, good times. But we had a falling out in our senior year. Something that was big at the time, but looking back now, it prb wasnt as big as we made it out to be. Over the years I did miss him & the things we did & the times we had. After school he went his way, I went mine. We met up one night at church of all palces, this was prob 4 years ago. We talked afterwards standing in the parkign lot for prob 2 hours. It felt good to have closure, sort of odd, but it was something that never happened, prob because each of us were too proud or stuborn to initiate the call. The next day or two after we talked he moved to Virgina w/ his wife who was just offered a teaching job. I cant tell you why, but we didnt call each other after that until the call Friday. I didnt go to his going away party, I guess becasue I'm not that good at that kind of stuff. I'm gabbling, anyways back to the call. I told him that we were going out of town but we'd be back tonight (Sunday). He told me that his cousin was getting baptised tonight at our old church, so I had got home & took the kids. Man it was good seeing him. Life for each of us is different now, so I am sure it will never be like our high school days, as people grow up things change, but we all always have those old thought in the back of our minds. Wow, I cant beleive how off track & long this post became. I really created it to ask what things take us back. It could be a song, a movie, etc....

    Ever since hearing from my friend, I've been thinking of the song: The Boys Are Back In Town and the movie Dazed & Confused. What about you guys?

    Oh yea and if I can give some advice, let go of those bad feelings, if you are in my situation that I was in, be the bigger person, pick up the phone & make that 1st call.

    Take care everybody!
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    Kathleen G
    the advice you gave is something we all need to remember good story great advice