Things are not always as they seem to be?

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    Vinita, Oklahoma
    Yesterday, we went towards Miami, where the Neosho has flooded a big Part of the town. We found a side road that was flooded and decided to fish there for a little while.

    There was a truck with a boat trailer there when we arrived and I didn't really think about it, I thought It was some other fishermen taking advantage of the flooded waters to catch a few fish.

    We were there about an hour and another vehicle pulled up and this guy got out and ask me if this was so and so's truck?
    I told him I didn't know who owned the truck, it was here when we got here?

    We got to talking and he said the truck looked like his brother's and he lived about a half a mile into where it was flooded.
    He said his brother was going to try to get to his house and see what he could save?

    When he told me that, I got this sickening feeling and just didn't feel like fishing there anymore?

    There I thought it was just a couple guys fishing and it turned out to be a guy trying to save what he could of his life?

    I've seen this river flood before, but nothing like it is now?

    Here it is the 4th of July and people should be celebrating, but these people are trying to save what they can and trying to figure out where they are going to live until they can get back into their homes?

    Let's all pray for these people and hope the water drops soon so they can get back into there homes and get their lives back to normal?

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    Thanks for letting us know about this situation, Ken.
    And I know what you mean.
    It's a peculiar thing, and unsettling at times, because at a glance, we just don't know what other folks are goin through... and sometimes we can get a kinda rude awakening. At least... if we take the time to think, we do.
    The stuff that gives us all some sense of security is so fragile.But mostly, I think it's a wonderful thing that you're aware and care enough to point it out, cuz I think we all need to realize that the current fishing conditions and 4th celebrations are the least of some folks' concerns at this moment. Sure will keep these people in prayer.
    Thanks again.