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    This was printed in this afternoons edition of the Daily Oklahoman.

    Declaration triggers Oklahoma price fixing law
    From Staff Reports\ The Oklahoman Comments 0 Published: December 24, 2009

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma's price gouging law has gone into effect following Gov. Brad Henry's declaration of a statewide state of emergency because of a fierce winter storm.

    Attorney General Drew Edmondson's office says the Emergency Price Stabilization Act bars an increase of more than 10 percent in the price of most goods and services when a state of emergency has been declared. The statute is enforced by Edmondson's office.

    The law will remain in effect through the duration of the governor's declaration and for 30 days after it expires. The act is in effect for an additional 180 days for prices related to repairs, remodeling and construction.

    The storm has stranded motorists, closed interstate highways and turnpikes and is being blamed for several highway deaths.

    Now, if we could just get the federal government to do something similar. Oh, crap... they are probably to busy price fixing their new health insurance bill.

    There is a sixty car pileup near Tinker AFB located in eastern OKC. Forty miles to the west, at El Reno, there is a twenty car pileup. Bunch of people are COLD.
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    That is good info. Congrats to them for leading the way, some other states will pick up on this I guessing

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    That is a good law. I hope they have the enforcement to back it up. May have to make a few examples to get the gougers attention.
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    Great to see Oklahoma doing something, cause they sure ain't fixing any Roads,,,lol
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    NC is a hurricane state. We've had price gouging laws.
    They are tough too.

    As far as policing it, that is no problem.
    All a person has to do is report you to the state Attorney General.
    They'll investigate.
    It's pretty cut and dry. Either you ripped folks off or not.