They don't work if you don't wear 'em..

Discussion in 'Boat Safety' started by blackwaterkatz, Apr 11, 2007.

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    PFD's are like seat belts, once you get used to wearing them, don't feel right without.

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    Never better spoken my friend, when I was young, ex marine and a certified diver I would have never considered wears a PFD...too macho.
    Now that I am more mature...not only older...but a lot smarter. I started boating in my teens and bought my first boat in the early sixties. Over the years I have had many vessels including a 38 foot wellcraft with radar gps and auto pilot. Every person that gets on one of my boats will wear PFDs
    no exceptions. I use the self inflating models for excuse for not using them. I personaly have been involved in two water extractions and believe me you never want to see one. A neighbor and friend was fishing alone, he had a problem with low blood sugar, they found his boat
    twelve miles down lake still running...a week later he was found floating.
    I agree PFDs are a pain especialy the older ones, that were bulky kapon filled things that were hot and even harder to fish with. I support their use
    anytime while underway, but I believe they may taken off while anchored
    as long as someone is on the vessel with you. Be safe while boating, the life you save may be your own.