Therocline how do you use it while fishing

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    how do you use theroline when fishing lakes
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    Are you asking about the thermocline?

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    I read that if you have a good fish finder you can tell where the thermocine is at and to fish around that depth thats where the fish like to hold at during the summer.
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    Ive never really thought about it but it peaked my interest. I was a Sonar Tech while in the Navy, now although I was using it for how sound travels it could be used the same with Bait fish I think. When the Water temp is say 80deg from 0-5ft it creates a channel for the fish to swim in that is better for them then at 6ft where it goes down. Some fish can take the temp change some cannot that is why I think they suspend themselves at certain depths. Also the preditor fish do this so they can lurk and spot bait fish above them. I dont know how much this holds true but it does make sense. This may be why some fish dont get frightend when you make a bunch of noise on the boat as it doesnt reach them. when you have a temp change in water this will affect how the sound travels in that water. If the water is colder the deeper it gets (normal for Lakes) then the sound will bounce off that layer of water that is inbetween the hotter and colder water causing it to bounce back to the top (or surface). I dont think it means make as much noise as you want but it does explain alot.

    Here are some interesting links about the Thermocline

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    Utilizing the thermocline as a technique takes some good electronics. You have to learn what you are looking at and how to identify it. It can be a very productive way to catch fish.

    I have attached a picture of a graph showing a distinct thermocline. It is the area of black tightly clustered dots that starts around 50 feet. Above it you can clearly see fish arches, and you can even see a fish down into the thermocline. At around 22 feet you can see a straight line across the screen and this is one of our fishing lines before being lowered further.

    We have been fishing this way on Lake Norman in NC lately and the lake is very deep in parts. The thermocline is around 45-50 feet, and you can clearly see it on the depthfinder. The fish are caught just above this area with suspended baits that are in around 35-40 feet of water.

    On Sunday we were fishing in 60-90 feet of water and suspending the baits around 35-40 feet. We caught 15 blues up to around nine pounds with this technique. They key is to keep the bait above the fish, not below them.

    Basically the water at the deeper levels contains little if any oxygen, but it is a lot cooler. The fish love the cooler water, but can not descend too far into the water because of the oxygen levels. Occasionally you will see a fish in the cooler water, but if you watch the arch they will come out of it fairly quickly.