Thermacell - is it actually odorless or not? Do they spook deer?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by coble9, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. coble9

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    I just got a thermacell. It works great, but I was wondering if it is actually odorless or not. I have a cold now and can't tell. The mosquitos here are the worst I have ever seen thanks to the summer flooding. Do these things spook deer a lot or not much at all. I can't go bow hunting without it now, so just wondering If I should just wait for a frost and not take the chance of spooking them.
  2. tkyhnt

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    They are bad here as well, I use mine just about every time I have been out this year. I do think they have an odor so instead of not going I am just more cautios than ever about wind condition. As long as its blowing away from where the deer should be coming from I am in good shape. I could not think about hunting so far this year without one. Good luck to you.

  3. jpn

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    North Carolina
    well i've had one for 3 yrs now and use it everytime i bowhunt. and almost every ime i go i have does and little one and they havent busted me or the therma cell yet. i think GOD sent it down from heaven. its the best thing since loaf bread it realyy works. i've bought another one to use while fishing and own a pretty good stock in refills. :big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:
  4. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I bought mine for fishing, but I can sure tell you it works better than anything else ever has. It does have an odor, not sure if it would spook the deer or not. Personally, I wouldn't take the chance an do as tkyhnt said.
  5. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    You'll have to test it for yourself, of course, but I've used them since shortly after they came on the market and I've yet to see any proof they will spook deer. I've had one over all that time that may have smelled something 'different' but he was more curious than spooked. Go for it. The thermacells are great. Just light it and give it a few minutes to warm up, then the mosquitoes just quietly disappear.
    Almost forgot to mention: they do have a little odor, especially when first lit with a new mat. Change that mat about every 3-4 hours of use to keep it fresh, although they will work a little longer than that.
    Do not use them in an enclosed area. I used mine with a new mat inside a ground blind once; :tounge_out: wouldn't advise anyone to do that.
  6. chambers bd

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    Hi Folks,
    They have a add on kit which allows you to put deer lure on a pad and warm's the scent. It worked real well for me last year. Thermacells work great and have not spooked any deer that I observed.:eek:oooh:
  7. bnorth

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    I've been out twice in the stand this year with my thermacell...had a doe and two yearlings come in downwind of me...never seemed to notice me or the thermacell.
  8. BassCat

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    I have a thermocell, and LOVE IT, so much i went and bought my dad one. I think it has a smaell, but ive had deer all around me so far this year, and they've never acted any different than last year before i got it. if you dont have one GET ONE!!
  9. dust777man

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    They do work great as long as you remember to take it (I'm bad to forget). Sure beats that smelly repellent.
  10. flathead willie

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    Here we go with another scent thread! tkyhnt is right, just get down wind of where the deer should be and it won't matter if your cooking chittlins in your stand. Most of the scent products on the market are designed to catch hunters...not deer. The hunting media is exaggerating scent control to the extreme so they can sell products. I'm sure that Thermacell won't alarm deer as much as your breath does, (no offense) or mine. I'd be more concerned with West Nile Virus then I would about spooking deer. Play the wind and don't worry about the deer that are down wind of you. With a bow, you can only hunt the ones that are up wind of you.