There's still good kids

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, May 6, 2006.

  1. FS Driver

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    today at work i got a call from my dad .
    he told me his window was busted out with a ball.
    i asked if he knew who done it and he said the neighbor kid
    across the street.
    he said he came up and told my dad he broke his window and was very sorry . his mother came over and told my dad to get it fixed and she would pay the bill and she apologized as well.
    i told him i would be over after work to fix it .
    when i got there i was half finished takeing the old glass out of
    the frame when i heard a little voice ask if we were fixing the glass
    i turn to see a little guy about 9-10 yrs old in a baseball uniform:big_smile:
    he said he sure was sorry and felt bad for breaking the window .
    i told him i was proud of him for comeing up and telling my dad he had done it. i told him that shows great character and he was a good kid .
    he apologized again and went home to get ready for his ball game.
    i told my dad to tell that kid that he owes him an autograph if he ever makes it to the big leagues:lol:

    i collected from his mother after i finished and she was a very nice lady and she told us that he was very upset and wanted to pay for it cause he
    felt responsible.
    so she said she will take it out of his allowance untill its paid for .
    it made me feel good that he has good neighbors ,hes getting up there in years and he lives across town .
    that kid made me feel proud of our youth . thanks to his parents hes on the right path .
  2. Fry Guy

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    Warrensburg Missouri
    That's good to hear. You start to wander sometimes about kids/people nowdays and it is heartwarming to meet upstanding people.

  3. Cattledogz

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    Thanks for sharing that Darryl. Its good to hear that some parents still raise the kids right. With all the lack of respect, outright nastiness, etc. we see out of kids today its heartwarming to hear something like this.
    I hope that kid stays on that right path.
    You might ought to take him fishing one day *grin*
  4. Dano

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    Great story. Faith. Lots of good in the world.
    I got to Sp. I owe on this one.
  5. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Hearing about other people encountering children who are "good" kids brings hope, that everything in this country isn't going down the toilet.
  6. steve-o

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    it's refreshing to hear this, seems there isn't a lot of kids with manners these days, not to mention the moral, and character traits of this young man.
  7. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Stories like this should be published in the national papers and the news programs. I tip my hat to the young man and his parents. They deserve a pat on the back.
  8. Buddrice

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    That child and his parents have my blessings.Hats off to that family,they are being brought up right in my book.I hope my three grandchildren would do the same thing that little boy did.It was the right thing to do.