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Discussion in 'LOCAL MICHIGAN TALK' started by DLB-in-GR, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Just knocking the dust off the shelf here in the Michigan section (ahem, cough)...

    The lights are still on in Michigan. There is at least one person still left in this state. If unemployment gets any higher here, or taxes, that might change soon though.

    Somebody is deer hunting. Perhaps they will see this post and respond? My bro-in-law got a nice 6 point this morning (Tuesday) with his bow. I'm not a deer hunter myself because I am color-blind, I can't see a blood trail to follow up and track a deer that I have shot, so I can't participate. I sure do love venison though, and can cook up some great recipes and jerky. I hope I don't hunt one with my car :wink:.