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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Muleskinner, Nov 27, 2006.

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    I would like to share my favorite time of catfishing. I want you to know. That when me my dad and my brother gets on the old soapstone bank of Gaines creek. It will be right at dusk dark. We will allow ourselves enough daylight to get the fire started and to get everything situated. Then kick back by the fire with our poles in our hands. Listening to the fire crackling and the night sounds of the coyotes and owls what ever else. It will be just us 3. I am 37 years old my brother is 34 and my daddy is 67. I know that one of these days we will no longer be able to do that. But you know we really have some really good times setting there talking about our life growing up. And you know the times that we share today will always be memories. Then most of the time we will catch a good mess of them. But more importantly we got to be with each other. It is very important to spend as much quality time that you can with your family. And it can not get any better quality than setting on the bank of a creek with your pole in your hand can it?
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    yeah dion thats the good life , i miss my dad hes comin up soon to fish with my brother maybe il get to see him , i wont be able to fish cause i gotta work . you need to spend as much time as you can with family they dont last forever

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    Dion, you be with your Dad and brother ever chance ya get,someday it will be over so enjoy it to the max while ya can. Make lots of memories and really take the time to really talk to your father and really listen to what he has to say! Both my parents are now gone and I miss them.So listen to him talk to him enjoy having him around as often as possible.It's one of the greatest treasures you will ever have! Great post reps to ya!:smile2:
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    My Dad use to tell me all the time how much he missed his Dad and I would reply I miss him too I thought knew what he was talking about untill Dad passed away now I know I miss my DAd all you guys who can spend all the tjme you can with him All our times to leave will come
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    Good post Dion. You got it right big time! Welcome to the BOC.
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    thank you for posting this, id like to let you kno this really opened my eyes hearing all you guys(and girl) talk about how important it is. thank you.
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    I miss fishing with my mom and dad. Like all of you it was a family event and we always had a good time even when the fish and are the weather did not cooperate.