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  1. Hopefully this makes up for my first post that was so controversial. I have given it some thought and I knew a topic about online auctioning would have been a better beginning.

    I will focus on mainly the world of Ebay. Since Ebay is one of the largest auction site right now it would be best to give that the spotlight. So, plain and simple this post would be a focus point for any BOC member to get themselves some recognition and maybe get their items sold to another catfisherman.

    Hopefully this won't break any rules, but I thought it apropriate for our members to also share any trade secrets or ideas on how to sell your item a little better. I will also be posting to this too to share anything I will have also. Will also apreciate anyone that could critique each others item pages that are on ebay or any other auction site.

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I feel if there are ways to make a buying experience better it would be best to get the input of your fellow catfisherman because they will be brutally honest.
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    got my post in before this got flushed:lol:

    i don't do as much ebay as i used to.
    i do quite a bit on it's a pretty cool auction site. lots of cities, schools, and public entities sell on there.

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    It would be a good idea. But not sure how much it costs to run a site like that. The server has to be quite expensive. Good post though.