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    I've been working on a huge and very emotional and personal project since i got laid off from work back in december. The future of finding a job seems to be tougher than my project itself. Well it's finally done! I recently finished writing a 67,ooo 267 page book that i call,"THE WAYWARD SON". It's a memoir/ novel that takes place between the ages of 5 and thirteen during my childhood. Let's just say that growing up back in the 70's with a racist, kentucky mountain born father was an everyday struggle for me to survive. The mental and physical abuse i dealt with has encouraged me to think about what my life on this planet is all about. So i decided to write a book with my spare time and look into going back to school for some further education on child abuse and neglect. The hard part is yet to come, getting published. If i'm lucky enough to make a small fortune from this, I plan on using a huge part of the money to better the lives of children all over the united states, god knows they need it in this day and age! I'm going to buy some land and use it to teach kids about wildlife conservation and leadership skills. I could go on and on but i should be working on a book query.....thanks 4 reading this!
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    Thats pretty big of you Ricky to come out and tell everyone your trials and tribulations as a child. I commend you and hope that you get the book deal. For you troubles as a youngster and to bring awareness to a subject that often seems to be taboo.