the way i fish for flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by katkiller77, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. katkiller77

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    dayton ohio
    I usually use a Zebco 888 with 30 trilene big game on a 7 foot heavy action fresh water graphite pole also I use a 3 to 5 ounce egg sinker with a 30lb rated swivel and wire leader 40 lb rated and a 3/0 laser sharp circle hook it works Rick
  2. Bill in SC

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    South Caro
    Rick, I use this setup for all my catfish species. Abu Garcia 6000/6500, Berkley 6'6" medium heavy rod, 100# Power Pro braid, Carolina rig, 50# mono or fluorocarbon leader, Gamakatsu 8.0 Octopus circle hooks. I am planning on upgrading to the 7'6" American Spirit pro series rods for their extra eyes.
    Bill in SC

  3. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    Sounds good Rick, thanks for sharing. I use a Penn 309 w/20lb mono on a 7' Roddy Gator Tail rod 3-way swivel rig 9/0 King Kahle hook w/ live Bluegills. !0' berkley glo-stick w/Okuma ABF90 spinning reel 20lb mono.:big_smile:
  4. katfish ken

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    Well this is what I grab when heading out for Mr.Flattie. I got a 7000 Abu pro-Rochet on an 11' Diawa EM cast heavy action rod,with 20 or 40# big cat line. The other outfit I grab is a Abu 6500 C3 on a 9' Berkley med. heavy action rod with 20 to 30# big cat line.
    I use a variety of hooks from 6/0 to 10/0 octopus circle octopus king kahle and bait hooks.
    Sinker are something that varies with the area and how I'm fishing at the time.
    I use a home made version of a cat bobber type float some time.
    If I'm fishing where I know there are toothy critters like musky i also use a 30# test wire leader.Since the like the bid gills and such that makes good cat fish bait.
    Happy hookin and tight lines to ya.
  5. readingcatfisher

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    Berks coun
    2 medium heavy rods 2 okuma avenger baitfeeder reels 65pound spiderwire 40pound test shock leader carolina rig 8/0 gama oct circle:wink:
  6. Joey6500

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    Abu 6500 c3,trophy or 6000 on a
    7.5 ft Quantum Bigcat.
    25-30 lbtest Suffix
    7/0 gamakatsu oct hook
    2-4 oz No roll sinker
    104 lb rated swivel
    10 inch leader.30-40 lb test

    and.......when throw monster baits
    Penn 310,209 and a Shimano TR200 on a
    7.5 ft Quantum Bigcat
    40 lb big game
    8/0 -10/0 Gama oct hook

    Is it spring yet?:big_smile: