The Vundu Catfish of Lake Kariba Zambezi.

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    Vundu catfish can survive out of water for prolonged periods of time.
    No other catfish in these waters have such a large second dorsal or adipose fin, nor such long barbells, which reach almost to the origin of the pelvic fin, as does the vundu.

    Light to dark olive brown on dorsal surface, getting lighter over the mid-body to a light brown, off-white belly. Fins usually light brown.They can attain size
    of over 100 lbs.

    Fishing practice is as for most catfish but, naturally, larger baits and heavier tackle are used. Anglers' bait preferences include ox livers, hearts, kidneys, plucked birds, meat and fish that have been cut down the belly and turned inside out. The smaller specimens will take a spoon and, like their bigger brothers, tend to move down stream using the current and their heavy weight to combat the angler. The further they run the greater the possibility of getting snagged on some underwater obstruction. Heavy tackle, to cut short this initial run and keep the battle in open water.

    Joachim Volz with two Vundu catfish that he caught one night in April 2001.
    They weighed in at 104lb & 94lb.
    Both these fish break the existing record of 78lb, These two great fish must have been a pair foraging together see the pic below.

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    Another very interesting species that hails from Africa. I'd love to get over there and fish for these guys, but I'd have a hard time deciding on tagetting Vundu, or the ravenous Tigerfish that is found in the same water, or maybe the fish in your second picture there, the monster freshwater fish of Africa, the Nile perch! They've also go a way of catching members of the Doradid family of fish over there, that I need for find out more about. Elephant fish have tiny mouths! But Vundu fishing is indeed supposed to be a blast!

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    thats great info about the vundu im really trying to target catching a big one but so far i have not got anything i live near the gambia river in west africa, i know they are there but just cant seem to find them or catch them