"The Two of You"

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    The two of you

    Every day I have to talk myself into believing, It’s not this bad.
    Walking alone, looking back on what we had.

    You and I together, we were the perfect combination.
    In my eyes, you were the lord’s most remarkable creation.

    Just days after I lost you. I realized it was you to blame, for me finally becoming a man.
    Your tender words always gave me the strength, and courage to face the world, and say I can.

    Not only were you the greatest love, a man could ever know.
    You were also my best friend. A woman, who would be telling me, it’s time to let go.

    I have never known a pain to hurt so much. Life without you, has become a constant bother.
    I can’t stop thinking of you. But particularly, in the way you would compare me, to your father.

    I know how much your father meant to you. But at his funeral, I never understood what you meant. When you kissed his hands and whispered in his ear forever.
    Until last night in a dream, When Jesus showed me the two of you, reunited in his arms together.

    Written for all the people who have to bury their spouses.
    By Garrett
    On February 18, 1999
    Inside of 3f bahnhofstrabse, Ramstein Village, Germany ​
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    Thank you for posting Garrett.....heart-wrenching and beautiful all at the same time. Expressing your emotions through writing is a wonderful and helpful tool for coping with grief, I believe.

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    Garrett thanks for sharing.Thoughts and Feelings noted. Very Careing.
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    Garrett, I have to echo Tanya and just say that it's a blessing you're able to get your feelings out and share them with others through your writing.
    Thank you.