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    well the weather is getting better and more of us are heading out to the lake or rivers. This is just a reminder that we need to check our safety equipment, and don't forget to wear your pfd, rivers are still high and the waters are still cool form the winter and even with warm days, a unwanted trip into the drink could easy put you into hypothermia,

    Also simple things in the boat will ensure a good day on the water, keep the deck clear, when putting you rod away make sure the hook is stored in a safe area so not too hook unwanted things, I put the hook on the under side of the reel seat. release the line set the hook into the reel seat and then tighten up the line. the same for releasing the hook, take all presser off the line first the then get the hook free for its holder, I'm as guilty as the next person handling a hook under line pressure, a unwanted slip or loss of grip will send that hook flying into something or worst someone. With the excitement of getting out after a long stay at home, slow down take your time and check and check again all the things you need to do , drain plug in? tie downs removed? bow line attached? fishing permit up to date? and the list goes on. but, checking it and getting into a habit will make things go much better. I know this is a rehash of previous posts but take it for what its worth.
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    What drain plug? LOL​

    Great points Brother.
    The water down here is now up to 58'. You won't strive in that temp very long. Nice and warm outside, COOL in the water.