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    Corey Ivy, the injured Ravens cornerback was rushed to the hospital after their plane made an unscheduled early landing at 4 in the morning, no other information is known on his status.

    Todd Sauerbrun, the broncos punter was informed he was being cut by the team today, the day he was sceduled to come off of a 4 game suspension for taking an over the counter weight loss supplement that contained Ephedra, a banned substance in the NFL.

    Roman Harder, a rookie safety for the Saints was dealt a season ending injury when he tore his ACL.

    Giants TE Jeremy Shockey who left the redskins game with an injury will be okay, and tests show that there was no broken bones in his right foot or ankle.

    And last but not least, Miami announced that Joey Harrington will remain the starter for next weeks game.